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Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 at 6:22pm CDT by a55e3206

Company: Dishnet

Category: TV, Music, Video

I have been a dishnetwork customer for more then four year, I pay more then $90 dollars a month. Recently I moved into a new place more then a month ago and I called Dishnetwork and scheduled a Dishmover. The Rep gave me a date they was almost three weeks a way, which I thought was ridiculous!! Are they that busy??(Maybe they are and that's why they don't care if they get my business or not). Anyway on the day of installation the lazy technician shows up almost three late. He was suppose to come at 5pm instead he showed up at 8pm and started giving me all the excuse in the world for why I should reschedule the appointment. He told me that installation could take about 5hr and that he would be there till 2am. So, I was nice enough to say OK. He told me that he would reschedule me for Saturday morning and that he would personally come to install the dish. I should have never raised my hopes, comes Saturday the technician is no where to be found!!! I called the dish rep and explained the situation and they told me they will try to get in touch with the technician but for some odd reason that never happened?? Maybe he quit? Anyway at this point I was very disappointed in there service. The dishnet rep wanted to reschedule me for installation and I said NO! I had enough of this going back and forth and I don’t have time for this. Anyway the rep was nice enough to understand my frustration and she gave me a credit three months bill which I think was comparable to what I was going thru. So, I took the deal and rescheduled for Tuesday between 12 and 5pm. Anyway once again the technician shows up at about 3pm (good start) but he is telling me that he has work orders to troubleshoot the problem in network and is not here to install the dish? And I said you must be joking!! Where they hire this people from?? He barely spoke word of English !! (I said it in diplomatic way). The rep told me that it must have slip thru crack and that she would reschedule me and at that point I said only if you can offer more incentive. If I have to pay for your screw ups by having no TV and then you should also pay for understanding my situation and giving me another month of free service. She refused to do that, why, I don't only I already had three months. What is more important the customer for life or $90? Anyway I told the dishnet acct specialist that I wanted to discontinue the service if she cannot offer incentives. So, after almost month of waiting, two day of the work and almost 5 hours on the phone, I am not a Dishnet customer anymore and only way I would go back is if they offer me extra month of service addition to the three month that they agreed to. Until that happens, I will continue sharing my story with online blog, forums and chat sites. I will also convince my relatives and family members to drop dishnet.


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