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Posted on Monday, August 21st, 2006 at 6:41pm CDT by f0cae1ad

Company: Staples Warratny/customer Service

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A copy of the complaint I sent to staples is below:

Staples account manager,

I have contacted you previously, regarding out printer/warranty situation. I know it doesn’t fall under your “duties” as our account manager, but Staples customer service passes the buck to the warranty company, who then passes the buck to the outsourced tech department (which is different each time of service) the last of which told me there is nothing more they can do and they refer me back to Staples.

To refresh: our HP LaserJet 4600dn pulls more than one sheet from tray 2 very consistently. Sometimes it will just be a few extra sheets, and sometimes it pulls stack of 10+ sheets through at the same time. This then causes jamming. We have replaced all the parts that we could have possibly replaced to solve this problem. We have used the paper recommended (which is not always the same depending on what department you speak to) and still had no luck.

I spend approximately 48 minutes per call trying to get someone to help us. I always have to re-explain the complete situation for every representative I am transferred to. I don’t always receive good service on these calls, which makes it all the more difficult. This stress is no longer acceptable to me.

Our company is very dissatisfied with Staples, the warranty company and the service/tech companies that they refer us to.

At this point the only way we would be satisfied is if our printer is replaced. It has already been “fixed” over 5 times, and still does not work.


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