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Posted on Monday, August 21st, 2006 at 1:02pm CDT by b8c0d71b

Company: PeoplePC Internet Service

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PeoplePC Internet Dial-up Service provider. When I signed up I could not find any information on which operating systems they supported. On their site it states "Try us free for 30 days". Immediately after signing up I found out they do not support Apple/MAC operations system. I sent an email in immediately notifying them I was unable to use the service and I wanted to cancel. I received an email back and it stated they could not help me and that I would need to call in. When I tried calling I was instructed to select the option to cancel. When I pressed the option the recording stated that there was no one to answer the call and too call back when it would be convenient for PeoplePC (no times were given). When I called and press the option for technical support and requested they transfer me, they said they would. I was disconnected. I then called back and pressed the option for sales. I then requested to speak to someone about canceling. I was then transfered and after a long hold time, finally talked to someone. I stated that I needed to cancel because PeoplePC did not support my computer (Mac OS). I said that I never used the service and wanted to be credited. After a 5 minute sales pitch and my numerous refusals to keep the service. I was told they would give me 30 days free, which should be enough time to go out and purchase a new computer that would work with PeoplePC. I told the representative that if he did not cancel my service and refund my money I would be calling the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company. He said he would cancel the service, but wanted to know if I had a friend that might want the service. I told him not to try and change my mind again or I would immediately call my card company. He gave me a cancellation number and said that there was no way I would be credited for the service (which I never used). I repeated over and over that there was a 30 free trial period stated on their website. He refused to acknowledge that fact. I asked him why I was charged for the service since it had only been 12 days. He had no answer. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said he would transfer me. After being on hold for 30 minutes I hung up and immediately called my credit card company. They said they would dispute the charges. I want PeoplePC to credit my credit card and send me an acknowledgment that they have cancelled my account and that I will not incur any future charges.


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