BSNL,Bangalore Circle- Wrong Broadband billing and BSNL's indifference

Posted on Monday, August 21st, 2006 at 3:43am CDT by d4dc8033

Company: BSNL,Bangalore Circle- Wrong Broadband billing and BSNL's indifference

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I wish to bring to your notice a serious deficiency of service on the part of BSNL, Bangalore and their indifference towards the customer.

I have a BSNL Broadband connection. Phone no 28485127 Cons NO 46877961

In June 2006, I opted for the newly introduced scheme of "900 Home Unlimited Plus". The scheme is I would pay only RS 900 per month for unlimited download and upload , monthly rental would not be charged for my landline separately and I would only pay for additinal phone calls made.

I handed over the requred for the change over to the new plan on 28 June 2006 at the Customer Service Center, Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bangalore along with a deposit of Rs 900/= as demanded by means of cheque. I have the receipt for the amount - Receipt No RR 0056237 dt 28 June 2006.and also a copy of a Demand Notice as acknowledgement of my letter. I was also informed by the CSC staff that effect would be given from 1st July,2006.

When I received the phone bill for July,2006, (Bill No 931100648 dt 14/8/06)I was shocked to find that I was not billed as per the new scheme. I was charged Rs 4,0071.20 as broadband charges and also a monthly rental of Rs 110/- both of which are not admissible. The amount I have to pay is only Rs 900/-

As per instructions in the phone bill, I contacted the Customer Relations Office for a complaint. Then began a series of pass-the-buck play and irresponsible answers. The Customer Relations office told me to contact the Commercial Office. They in turn tolg me to contact the Customer Service Center, Rajarajeswari Nagar(CSC). The CSC told me to contact the Customer Relations Office, thus completing the ciecle! When I told them what happened already, I was asked to contact the Accounts Officer! I refused as I knew very well that the Accounts Office would not handle this. Then the CSC promised to check with the Area Manager's office and ask them to call me. I am still waiting.

Meanwhile, I made a complaint on BSNL, Bangalore circle's web site and also sent an email to Sri Visvanath Acharya, AGM(PR) as indicated in the web site.(id - COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63943#)

I request you to give me whatever help possible and also post my complaint in your site. Please also let me know the procedure for moving the Consumers Court.

Thanking you,


Anuradha Raghuraman

I request you to give mw whatever help possible.


26ce332c, 2008-05-12, 08:34AM CDT


I thank you for posting your complaint on the web.well,if you can give more details regarding the bsnl connection and reasons for not handling the complaint then it will be easy to file a case in the consumer court.Injustice caused to you speaks by itself.As per the court procedure you need to give some more details with documents and witness.

I think you won the battle almost.

thanking you

yours sincerly

Dr Srinivas

53c7b88a, 2010-03-09, 04:02AM CST

I think all of us ,thatis bsnl customers should fight jointly for such cause and the entire amount with other charges should be deducted from the salary of concerned officials who are careless in discharging their duties .Unless such stringent action is taken there is no scope for improvement in the sevice.They athink that they are doing great favour by correcting the bill.Who is responsible for the time,energy and mental torture undergone by thecustomer.

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