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Posted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 at 11:22pm CDT by 5928e2fc

Product: Portable air conditioner 8000 BTU

Company: WINTAIR

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WINTAIR Portable air conditioner 8000 BTU


After purchasing and testing for half an hour..I began searching on a product "Wintair portable air conditioner 8000 BTU" to find out if there were any issues or complaints. I found around two complaining about stores not accepting the return of them...but surprised no one else complaining about other issues around the actual usage of this product.

There are few flaws in it's design.....

The 8000 BTU feels more like 4800 BTU.

The HIGH speed fan feels like LOW on other air units I am familiar with.

They do not supply a drain hose so that when you first turn it on..(the vague instructions don't tell you to look for) the water moisture comes right out the bottom of the unit. After half an hour of running..there was approx 1/2 cup of water on the floor.

The heat generated out the back has more output than the unit actually

outputs of cool...sort of negating the effect of what it's intended use was for.

So far it' was a waste of time and effort buying and hauling it to my home.

However the only plus..was that the design of installation was a dream!!!


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3642e823, 2008-01-14, 11:30AM CST

I just started working here and they had this product here. The control system is way too hard to operate and isn't simple. I cannot get the thing to keep cooling our computer room to 68 degrees. Tried following their vague instructions. There seems to be no easy way to adjust the temp in "smart" mode. so i have it on cool and occasionally throw on the dehumidifier. Product sucks, would like more efficient easier to use item!!!!

3669f168, 2008-06-02, 05:51PM CDT

I have a Wintair 8000 BTU portable unit and would like an owners manual for it. Seems to work fine, but I would like to know how to program it. Production #200501002181 Model #5A298 82934930502220140. Can you help?



538f554a, 2008-06-27, 08:04PM CDT

I purchased the wintair 8,000 BTU A/C three years ago and have nothing but trouble with it. It doesn't keep a small 10 x 12 bedroom cool. The computer temperature controls are always shutting themslves down. This product really is just nonfunctional.

7e2eb54d, 2008-07-06, 03:14AM CDT

i just made this purchase and wish i had researched the brand first because all you have described has nailed everything i am going through with this worthless piece of money loss. the box shows as "17x22" cooling room, but i have the unit in a 10x10 and yet with its poor and vague manual, i can barely manage to get it to keep the room warm. the store which i made the purchase at refuses to refund the money. i should a just stuck with the old school bulky a/c. not worth the easy installation.

c91ae535, 2009-07-01, 03:34PM CDT

This is a complete piece of JUNK!!! OMG. Why did I buy this cheap and tacky POS.

de9f56f9, 2009-08-04, 04:19PM CDT

Do no teven think about buying this product it is worthless, this airconditioner is either a scam or the worst product ever sold in history.

bcb5b4f2, 2011-01-04, 07:30PM CST

Comprei um ar de vocs e o compres-

sor veio sem leo e tive que comprar

outro compressor como fao para re-

ceber a garantia dele? Porque aqui

no brasil no tem assistncia tc-

nica. Quero o ressacimento do dinheiro

que gastei com ele.

01c57d47, 2012-08-12, 01:31AM CDT

I have had my Wintair for several years and I love it. I have it in my bedroom upstairs 10 x 15 and it is very cold I leave it on all day n night so my dogs stay cool while I'm at work. Best portable A/C unit I have ever had.

f391a313, 2013-05-22, 06:09AM CDT

The unit must have the hot air discharge routed outside to work properly. An air conditioner is like wringing out a sponge if you soak up water and wring it out on the floor you get nowhere. An A/C unit soaks up heat like a sponge and needs to be wrung out where you want the heat to go, outside.

0b3eaa02, 2014-06-09, 01:48AM CDT

After reading some of these posts I feel compelled to comment. I purchased a Wintair portable a/c (8000 btu) from Home Depot nine years ago.

1. The hot air exhaust coming out the back must be ducted to the outside. The a/c came with an extendable hose and window kit for this purpose. Otherwise you are just putting the hot air back into the room you are trying to cool.

2. The a/c came with a rubber plug in the drain outlet at the bottom. It has a mode where it uses the hot air exhaust to evaporate the condensate (water). The manual claims that the condensate from the cooling process should be evaporated in this mode under "normal" circumstances. There is also a red light that is supposed to go on when the interior tank is full. My experience is that it can still overflow and soak your carpets. So I leave the plug off and let it drain into a pail ( I have it elevated on a small chair).

3. The only issue I've had is that after a couple of seasons, it began making a racket. Comes to find out that the impeller fan had a cracked blade, which got progressively worse as it became more and more out of balance. Had to replace that part. Since then the company has gone out of business, so I doubt that you can get parts anymore.

4. It is a single hose design. A dual hose design is much more efficient because it does not create negative pressure in the room, sucking ambient air into the room you are trying to cool.

But, it's still working and cooling after nine seasons, so I got my moneys' worth.

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