Side by side Frigidaire refrigerator, 4 years old.

Posted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 at 8:05pm CDT by 947e0216

Company: Side by side Frigidaire refrigerator, 4 years old.

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I purchased a side by side refrigerator from Lowes 4 years ago. Last Thursday 7/27, that refrigerator stopped working. I immediately contacted GE Zurich Warranty Management for service. They told me someone would contact me within 24 HOURS TO SCHEDULE A TIME TO COME OUT. This by itself annoyed me. Nevertheless, I waited and by Sat 7/29 I was calling GE Zurich Warranty Management back. After another gentleman told me someone would call me within another 24 hours to schedule a time for the repair, I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. He explained there was nothing he could do and would have a serviceman contact me first thing on Monday. Never mind the heat wave and the fact that I don't have refrigeration. By Monday evening I had heard nothing. I called GE Zurich Warranty Mgmt when I arrived home from work and was told that I would have to contact the serviceman, Ed, myself and was given his phone number along with an auth number. I called Ed and he told me he never received any information from GE Zurich at all regarding me. He said he would be out the next day, namely Tuesday 8/01. A switch had to replaced on the compressor, but Ed did not have it. He said he would either come back on Wed 8/02 or he could call me if he wasn't able to get the switch. Guess what, I have not heard, nor seen Ed. Tomorrow is Thursday and will have been one week without a refrigerator in temps exceeding 100 degrees. What a great company.

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9d8ea3ed, 2008-05-25, 06:09AM CDT

Dear Consumers, That switch on the compressor is called a Relay and is a common failure problem. Most professional Mechanics will have a universal Standby on his truck until the original part arrives. Doing without the Refrigerator is often needless and very frequently it can be fixed within a day. It is not often best to call a service company the manufacturer recommends but call a Refrigeration Professional that you trust.

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