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Posted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 at 11:07pm CDT by 4e463a0d

Company: Cox Communications - Fairfax County VA Franchise

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In November, 2004 I requested High Speed Internet Service from Cox

Communications (Fairfax County VA Franchise). I was told at the time

that I also needed to take their Limited Basic Cable Service despite

the fact that I did not want the service. Since that time I have been

billed $18.25 per month for Limited Basic Cable Service in addition to

High Speed Internet monthly charges of $39.95.

For TV reception, I was satisfied with the broadcast antenna I have

(it also allows me to pick up digital TV channels, Cox basic cable

does not) so I never tried the Cox Limited Basic Cable service. Then

recently I decided to give it a try and see if the reception was

better for one of my non-digital tuner TVs. Only when I tried to use

the Limited Basic Cable Service I discovered I could not receive any

cable channels.

I had a Cox Communications technician out to my home, Aug. 2nd 2006 to

resolve the problem. This technician told me that Cox had placed a

filter on our line that prevented the Limited Basic Signal from

reaching our home.

I contacted Cox Communications Customer Service line to request a

credit for services for which I was billed but was physically

prevented from using due to their actions. I was told the Limited

Basic Service was no longer required for High Speed Internet, so I

canceled that service. But for the charges I have been paying for the

past 20 months, the Cox Communication's Customer Service Manager only

authorized a two month service credit.

This is unacceptable as a remedy. Cox Communications physically

restricted my ability to receive Limited Basic Services even though I

was charged and paid for those services. I estimate I have paid $365

in monthly fees and expect a credit for those fees since I could not

use the service.

I'm escalating the issue in writing to their Customer Care Department

and have also sent letters to the FCC (due to the restricted access

Cox caused me), Fairfax County Department of Cable Communications and

Consumer Protection, and Cox's parent company Cox Enterprises Inc.

I will post updates as I seek remedy through these organizations.


30ca866c, 2008-12-20, 07:56AM CST

Why did you not go to your local office? If you really want something fixed, you do not do it over the phone. That is your issue I am afraid, even though Cox had some fault in this.

56e42cc0, 2011-12-21, 12:53PM CST

Cox has KNOWN problems with underground cables that cause audio drop-out & pixelization. It is because they did not replace the old media general cables which are not 20 years old. My neighbor has had them out for 14 service calls in 3 months & only ogot 1 month credit. GO WITH VERIZON FiOs BIG BIG difference + MULTI ROOM DVR!!

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