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Posted on Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 at 11:20am CDT by cb3c896b

Company: Fernbrook Homes

Location: ON, CA

Category: Building, Construction

Sir or Madam,

We are writing to complain about a home builder in the Toronto are, Fernbrook Homes. We currently live in one of their communities in Brooklin, Ontario. We purchased this home as a resale in Nov 2005 and at this time it is 4 years old. Recently this summer we have observed a crack in the basement foundation leaking water after a rainfall. We contacted the builder, Fernbrook Homes and finally received a phone call from an arrogant employee after several attempts. The builder informed us that the foundation has a warranty of only 2 years. Since the house is 4 years old the builder will not take responsibility for the leak and will not honour the warranty. We are shocked that a 4 year old home can suffer such damage and the builder pay no attention to our claim. Fernbrook Homes offers a cheaply built quick product and terrible customer service. I would never buy a home from this builder again and suggest that nobody else does.

Drew and Andr


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0147e5ee, 2011-10-18, 08:03PM CDT

No body trust Fernbrook homes or Absolute Avenue. they have very bad reputation, very rude staff. Now they have many complaints and big issues with Absolute Avenue condos in Mississauga. Poor workmanship, bad finish, missing appliances, parking issues. They are running with very bad service. Too unprofessional to even deal with them. This project got delayed for 3 years and no compensation, plus they have 100s of unresolved issues. No one listens in their company if it comes to service. But good at seeking timely money.

e4601b42, 2011-11-07, 01:17PM CST

I would NEVER recommend anyone to buy a house from Fernbrook. I bought in the Celedon Anthem site and have had delay upon delay...if I do get my house in February of 2012 I'll have waited over 2 years for my home. The staff are usless and their customer service is a joke. I am the one who always keeps calling them as they do not have even have the courtesy to return your calls.

What an awful builder to experience with.

adel a., 2012-11-29, 03:17PM CST

i bought a house last year from a builder" FERNBROOK" which is goning to be finshed and build on 09/2012 , i paid the down payment of 5% which is 30,000.00 and on septmber 2012 the builder ask for more time to finished the huose and extend to november 19/2012, i was having a pre approved mortgage on sept. but when the builder extend the time i have to find another mortgage. by nov.19 i did not have a mortgage so we ask the builder for more time which he give me 1 week and penalty for $1000.00. on11/ 23/ we got the mortgage and we ask the builder for more time untill the closing date on 11/30 but the builder did not respond until today so please i need more help with a strong lawyer to bring a lawsuit against that builder who seem he want to keep the whole 30,000.00 , NEVER EVER EVER DEAL WITH THIS SCAMMER OR EVEN THINK TO BUY A HOME FROM THE BUILDER

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