Neville Hotel,Ellenville,NY

Posted on Monday, August 14th, 2006 at 5:16pm CDT by 8002c495

Company: Neville Hotel,Ellenville,NY

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after almost 40 yrs of looking forward to a few days in the summer and the winter(before we were even married) and 20 yrs of our kids looking forward to joining us every year at the Neville,it has ground to a halt!! New owners could not care less about the guests or the guests being mistreated. After being denied drinks at a cocktail "party" and not being offered something low fat to eat, We were very rudely explained that this is what we can expect for the prices they are charging and "perhaps there is a better hotel that we might like better!" Not only me and my family,but there was a line at the managers office of angry customers waiting for compensation for LOUSY SERVICE AND TREATMENT. aLL THE YEARS ,ALMOST 40, THERE WAS never A REASON TO COMPLAIN AND THE SERVICE WAS ALWAYS GREAT! tHE HELP EXPRESSED DISMAY AS WELL,EXPLAINING THEY ARE TREATED AS "GARBAGE" AND CONSTANTLY HEARING ABOUT LISTS OF PEOPLE WAITING TO TAKE THEIR JOBS! aND THEN WE HEAR THAT THERE ARE BEDBUGS NOW! Way to go new owners,ruin everything that your guests loved and turn them away so that the new generation who never experienced the Neville's hospitality can stay there and never expect or know better! you have ruined a great vacation resort that for years we looked forward to, " GO TO HELL"


aed591c3, 2008-02-10, 07:24PM CST

is this place still open?

6dcaec01, 2008-06-27, 04:58AM CDT

I know they are still open but do they still have bed bugs??

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