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Posted on Sunday, August 13th, 2006 at 11:58pm CDT by d42f5571

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Sunset Fishermen's Resort & Spa A.K.A Royal Fishermen's in Playa del Carmen Mexico- owned and operated by Sunset Group with offices in Cancun Mexico, Miami Florida, and Playa del Carmen Mexico. Also owns the Sunset Royal Hotel in Cancun, Sunset Seastar Resort in Isla Mujeres Mexico, Sunset Lagoon Hotel & Marina in Cancun and Sunset Tres Rios in Rivera Maya Mexico. BEWARE!!!! Deceptive sales tactics with fraudulant lies and promises made throughtout their sales presentation which one discovers after they have purchased. Then they make you sign a waiver to rescind a 5 day cancellation period of contract that is allowed by Mexican Law, which by the way is illegal. They promise you a great investment by telling you that you will build up equity with the timeshare and even sell the timeshare for a profit. They also tell you that you can rent your weeks while using a broker they recommend known as, and as proof of the rental income they offer to rent from you up front all the weeks you plan not to use and give you $1700 usd. for each week for up to 5 years and this amount they deduct from the selling price to demonstrate how profitable this may be. They also play the finance game, telling you that the Mexican Bank rates are at 14% and that they wil finance your down payment through a credit card for only 6.9% and that it won't even come up on your credit report, so they get you the card and immediately max it out. They tell you that you will have exclusive use of their equestrian center The Hacienda Andalucia and exclusive use of their fleet of yachts from the VIP Caribbean Yachting Club. They tell you that the equestrian center and the yachting club are all included on the price but that they must split it up under a seperate contract for their own tax purposes so that they can get a larger deduction. ALL OF THESE LIES!!! They only give you a minamal discount to use these services which are very similiar to the regular public rates and that one must make reservation up to 1 year in advance to use these benefits. They also throw into the contract maintanance fees for both centers each totaling $149 usd annual even if services are not used. They will pick you up from the streets with lies and then sell you lies after lies until it is too late, and you sign. Well I fell for it, a deal "To good to be true.." after 6 1/2 hrs. of listening to them go on about the great oppurtunity, I just wanted to get out so I signed. I am now in the process of cancelling the contract, I have sent written notice of right to cancellation as allowed by Mexico Law within the 5 day cancellation period to all of the Sunset Groups offices after the second day of signing. I have also sent the letter via e-mail to all their offices including numerous Mexican Government Agencies including PROFECO- the Mexican Consumer Protection Agency along with numerous U.S. Government agencies. I have followed the proper cancellation rights given to me, let's see if Sunset Group fills there end by cancelling the contract and refunding all monies they obtained from me as required by Mexican Law. I will keep this crisis updated..


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7149cc8d, 2007-11-08, 03:45PM CST

I agree with your comments re: I was taken for over $500 - the whole thing is a scam. I pressed them weekly via email for over a year and they could never follow through.

14eeb57b, 2008-02-09, 04:24PM CST

The committed 90 minute sales pitch by Sunset ended up taking 6 hours with constant refusal by Sunset to take NO SALE for an answer. This relentless badgering did finally result in a sale by trading in a time-share we owned elsewhere. After being plied with champagne and initialing additional documents we were told that the 5-day cancellation period would not be allowed due to the substantial cost savings being made thereby.. By the way no transfer of deed ever occurred on our trade in so we still own it and it obviously was not traded-in, thus negating the so called no cancel rights. We also talked to another couple that made the same settlement we did without any trade-in.

After the second day we requested a cancellation of our purchase. The reply from Sunset was, do you really want to cancel? Again our most emphatic answer was YES. We have tried to contact the management of Sunset Sales at the Fisherman with no response from them since asking if we really wanted to cancel. We are now using our attorney, our credit card company and the government of Mexico through Profeco in effort to get the agreement canceled and the monies returned. I suspect due to our elderly age and being in retirement gave this corporation much more incentive to complete a sale no matter how much it appeared the pot was sweetened as the hours progressed.

We are not certain how this dispute may finalize. Our advise though is, if ever approached by the Sunset Group, regardless of all the enticements they may offer, decline and enjoy your time without this hassle.

0ac90729, 2008-05-09, 04:37AM CDT

I can only comment on how weak you are. If you sat there and listened for 6.5 hrs then you only have yourself to blame. It's another typical case of buyer remorse! Get over it and learn from it!!

559f2b42, 2008-05-16, 02:59PM CDT

Don't know where you people are coming from. . .Mars? We've owned our Sunset timeshare since 2001, and have used our weeks every year. We are quite satisfied and always have a fabulous time. I guess you just have to be economically savy in order to work their sales systems and methods to get an honest agreement. We have seen our fair share of "people" at the resorts who obviously should not be there, low class, low income; definitely out of their economic league.

ecbd6da0, 2008-06-27, 02:57PM CDT

i'd just like to be able to make a reservation with this group. in 5 years i've been unable to do so. yes i went through the " make some money on this timne share renting it out", of course this did not work. it also cost me $500.00. what however bothers me the most is the inability to rent the $5,000.00 timeshare on the months that were without maintenance fees. if there is anyway to help let me know. thanks hal astle

8e6fa6d6, 2008-07-03, 10:41AM CDT

I would like to know if you were able to rescind your contract? Was your problem resolved? I sort of fell into the same scam and now two years later, Im still paying these monthly installments. I went to Sunset Lagoon the following day, one day after I signed this contract and they would not let me out of it. Im stuck with this and I haven't even had the ability to go back. Im so upset and I don't know what to do at this point.

f4cbf915, 2008-08-07, 08:44AM CDT

Update to this incident can be found on

0b5920bd, 2009-07-10, 07:22PM CDT

I find it very strange that everyone and I mean EVERYONE who calls this a scam cancelled before or at 5 days. How can it be a scam. You bought it and never used it so how can you say it is a scam just because you did not make an

educated or intelligent decision. You have a mouth just say no. Otherwise pay the money enjoy your vacations and move on.

705af2d1, 2010-04-07, 05:39PM CDT

The tmeshare industry in Mexico is taking almost a Billion Dollars every year from Americans and Candians. They are taking away their earnest money based on lies and misrepresentation. I have collected evidence to support the claims of thousands of people deceived from this company. Share this info with your general attorney, the Federal Trade Commsision, the Consulate of Canada and USA in Cancn as well as any government agency that you believe might be interested in putting pressure in the Mexican Government to stop these companies from scamming more honest people.

Please visit this website (specially the video section) to know in detail how these companies operate.

Eva C., 2013-05-25, 12:04PM CDT

I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I too was scammed in Playa del Carmen, but this time by Sandos/Royal Elite. It seems like timeshare resorts are taking advantage of vacationers, and it's sad that because of them the reputation of Mexico is being affected. Fortunately, I could get out of it, but I've lost over 10,000 USD. There is no way I'm a attending a timeshare presentation now, I consider this as a hard-learned lesson. This a forum with more complaints made to Royal Elite Timeshare Scams:

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