fujimex f.x.800 digital camera purchase

Posted on Saturday, August 12th, 2006 at 1:05am CDT by ef0e8f24

Company: fujimex f.x.800 digital camera purchase

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On the 26/2/06 i purchased the above camera from Prima audio & video 27-33 Natham road Hong Kong along with a memory card for the camera.I was shown how the camera worked but had difficulty using it as it didnt function properly and returned every day to the shop with the camera for the six days we were in Hong Kong with my complaints .Since iv'e been home in Australia the camera will not work at all.I have sent a fax to the above store along with the one year warranty to see what can be done to have the camera fixed as it is no use to me the way it is,unfortunately they have not responded to my request.I also emailed the Tourism Commission 7/7/06 to see if they could follow up on my complaint but have not received anything from them either.I therefore request that your department could follow up my complaint on my behalf to see if any thing can be done so the camera can be returned and have it fixed so i can use it .I also requested the address for Fujimex Japan to lodge my complaint as Fujifilm Australia will not honour the warranty .I can be contacted at

Mr M.James

44 Justinian Street


Western Australia


or email www. COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63372#

Looking forward to your early response

Yours Sincerly

Milton James


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