AOL - AOL trying to collect a three-year old invalid debt

Posted on Friday, August 11th, 2006 at 2:43pm CDT by 919f68d8

Company: AOL

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like to post yet another AOL complaint regarding billing, this one related to an invalid attempt to collect a debt. AOL tried to bill me for service at an old address, six months after I had moved from that address to an entirely new state. Then they decided it was acceptable to wait three years to notify me of this alleged debt via a threatening letter from a collection agency... a letter that was sent to my parents address.

Following is a copy of the letter I filed with my states consumer affairs agency. It would be interesting to see how many other people have faced this situation, and what relief they may have found.

I received a collection notice in late July stating I owed AOL $20.65. When I investigated this claim by calling AOL, I could not obtain any information supporting AOL’s claim that I owed them any monies. Further, AOL was unwilling to provide anything in writing to me to support their claim. The claim was originally dated October 2003, but I received no notice of any kind from AOL stating that I owed them any money prior to the collection notice. The address the AOL representative provided for the claim was an address I had moved from six months prior to the claim.

I do not feel I owe this money for the following reasons:

* I had moved from the address billed to a new state in March 2003; the bill was not allegedly served until October 2003.

* AOL claims they tried several times to contact me to notify me of the debt. This is not true. I had a postal forwarding order in place, in addition to leaving a forwarding address with my landlord’s office. In my new location, my lease and all utilities were in my name and it would have been the simplest matter to trace my location that way. Despite the transparency of my location, I never received an electronic, hard copy, or telephone notification of this alleged debt.

* The collection notice was mailed to my parents’ address, despite the fact that I have never lived at or been associated with that address. My parents moved to that address after the date of the original alleged debt.

I have obtained my personal credit report at least twice in the past three years, and no mention was found on my credit report that AOL had filed a consumer debt claim against me.

Despite explaining my apprehensions at just paying an unknown bill that mysteriously surfaced three years after it was allegedly due, the representative at AOL was steadfastly unwilling to provide any written confirmation to me that the bill was valid, and even claimed that AOL only kept computer records of their accounts for six months.

In my opinion, a fair resolution to this complaint is for AOL to cease and desist any actions to try and collect this invalid debt, either directly or through a collection agency. I wish for AOL to immediately recall this invalid debt from the collection agency with whom it is currently placed to avoid any negative remarks being placed on my consumer credit report.


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