2001 Ford Focus

Posted on Friday, August 11th, 2006 at 5:28am CDT by 21f9d3df

Company: 2001 Ford Focus

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I have about had it with Ford. I purchased a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 in August of 2002 with 12,000 miles on it. I will say that for the first year I owned the vehicle, I had very good luck, and only had it in for scheduled maintenance. However, since then, I have been without my car while dealerships repaired at least four recalls. Then, in 2003, the power window motor on the driver's side died. I took my car to Northampton Ford in Northampton, MA. First I was told that the repairs on the window motor would cost $400.00. I called my family mechanic who told me he could do those same repairs for $60.00 parts and labor. So I called Northampton Ford and told them not to repair it. When they asked if I wanted the window propped up, I said fine, considering that I had paid $100.00 for them to look at my car at all, even though I had foolishly purchased the 75000 mile extended warranty, which never ended up covering anything at all. When they propped my window, however, they did not secure the 2x4, which fell and broke off all the clips inside the door which held the door handle on. If it tells you anything, my father, who passed away in 2004, ordered the replacement clips from Ford. They were finally put on my car today, in August of 2006.

As if this were not enough to put a bad taste in my mouth about Ford dealerships, in October of 2004 my check engine light came on, due to the emissions sensor. Today, for the 5th time, I paid a ford dealership to repair this problem. Not only that, I needed new brake rotors, though the old, completely rusted ones had barely 10000 miles on them. I also had to have 2 new coil springs, for the third time in the life of this vehicle. When Fairway Ford in Kingsport, TN called me today to tell me my car was ready and my bill was $1033.87, they also told me that my transmission was making a strange noise at highway speeds. This I have never, ever heard before today, and I do listen to my engine closely and know it fairly well. The woman at the dealership then tells me it would cost another $900.00 for them to even look to see what this noise might be. Well, I told her to forget that.

This evening, I picked up my car from the dealership and left a check for an amount that a student like myself can hardly afford. When I started my engine and drove off the lot, I realized that the air compressor, which was practically the only working part on my well maintained vehicle when I dropped it off, would not kick in. Last straw. I'm buying a Honda.


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