Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2006 at 10:34pm CDT by cc6dc634

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I would like to state that I am a 5 yr employee at Costco, and a student. I decided to find a way to vent my anger about a certain situation my fellow employees and I are having with Costco management. We all know that a coupiouis of the employees at Costco are students and that students require a set schedule during the class sessions. Well fortunately for all the students in my warehouse 10 days before classes start we were informed that no longer would they allow the students to work three days a week, (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).. The rule that is now being enforced states that each warehouse is allowed 10 part-time employees to work 24 hrs a week, and the rest are required to work five days a week at 5 hrs a day 25hrs. So knowing that this rule was now going to be enforced I asked my closest manager that since this is such late notice if they would withhold this enforcement until employees were able to pre-plan for the next semester. That was a no. Then I asked if there was going to be 10 exceptions that the employee manual allows by seniority. That was a no. So my final question to my manager was do we have to decide between getting our degree, or quitting. The answer is as follows, "We are trying to run a business and part time employees are a drain to the stores profits".. Although I do appreciate the honesty, I am quite disappointed in this company that I believed in for so many years. So as a student I now must realize that Costco is no longer interested in hiring students. I ask you my audience does this smell like discrimination???

If you demand to know my identity to prove this story is true, post it to this website and I will respond.


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6aaf77fa, 2008-08-28, 03:38PM CDT

Although it may seem unfair, as long as Costco is not breaking ant State or vFederal law, they have the right to require employees follow work guidelines. It's their company, and within their power to "call the shots".

I suspect you had better start looking for a more 'student friendly' employer.

29b9b58f, 2008-11-04, 02:31AM CST

I work at costco and I agree with this policy. plan your persenal life around your job and yes school is your persenal life!

e6310056, 2010-01-23, 04:28PM CST

costco has been doing things like firing employes if the file a workmans comp claim.discriminating against pregnant women, ie. requiring them to lift more than 25Lb.s and telling them that they will be (sent home) for the doration of there pregnancy if they bring in a doctors note.Until somebody sues this company over this kind of thing it's just going to continue.

308c58b8, 2010-02-26, 02:07PM CST

Sounds like discrimination to me I was once told by Dave H. at corp. that Costco caters to its students. I have worked for Costco for almost 7 years now and during this time I have attended school part time as I could afford it. Jim cares about his employees and this could be worth bringing up. If you are a part time employee you shouldn't be forced to work a 5 hour shift 5 days a week there is no reason for them not to be able to work a person 4 days or even 3 days to get you the 24/25 hour minimum. Especially people traveling 30 to 40 minutes to work each day. An 6 to 8 hour shift makes more sense.

4e663c91, 2011-02-27, 11:38AM CST

I worked at Costco for 5 years and I quit. Its a cool job to have fun and have sexual affairs with other employees. It was like high school for me. Also most employees start working at Costco while going to school but I would say 90% of them drop out of school because the pay is so good and end up working for Costco for 20 yers miserabley. This is true I still have my connection to Costco and everyone has a 20 year badge and has realized their lifers at Costco.

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