Daewoo Ewave Microwave OTR

Posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 at 5:09pm CDT by 2af68582

Company: Daewoo Ewave Microwave OTR

Category: Other

Just one more unhappy Daewoo Ewave Micowave customer.

A week after I purchased mine and less than 4 uses, the handle to open the door broke off. Can’t blame the kids since I do not have children.

My Ewave Microwave is still working well although it is very noisy and has a rattling noise when operating.

I was told by LOWES to superglue the handle.. what a bright idea. Perhaps Daewoo can include a superglue bottle with the packaging of all microwaves they ship out cause that is about the only support that will be given to the few crazy’s that were fooled into buying this piece of junk product.

I have bad luck with another Daewoo product My DVD player that was new also just decided not to open the door.. My husband and I now call Daewoo products.. Deadwood.

Never will be purchase Daewoo again.


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