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Posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 at 8:20am CDT by 7d2b091e

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Cox Communications located in Wichita, Kansas

I live in Topeka, Kansas but my cable modem service is through Wichita. I'm

having slow speed issues that starts at 5pm and lasts another five hours.

The slowdowns would be like clockwork right on the nose. I'm on the

preferred tier which is 4Mbps down/512Kbps up, I would get under

1Mbps-800Kbps on the download, upload would be unaffected at 512-517 Kbps at

peak time period. When I contact Cox TS, via online chat and phone, all they

did was blamed my computer to try and get me off the phone. Oh, sure, it's a

spyware or virus that releases itself at 5pm when everyone gets home from

work or school and relax in front of their computer after finishing dinner

and watching TV. During the daytime, wee, and afternoon hours, Cox HSI is

fast and I do hit 4000+ Kbps very easily, I don't have any kind of problems

at daytime, wee hours, or afternoon hours. The slow speeds would go along

with web browsing problems, timeouts, stalls, T3 and T4 error messages,

packet loss, delays, mess up rebuffering problems, etc. When I had Cox field

techs to my home last month, all he did was checked signal levels at the box

and modem, had the PC tech came in and install a PCI NIC because he thought

it was the onboard NIC that was going bad. I still had the same problems

with the new NIC they installed. Then, they had the nerve to threaten to

charge $35 to come back out to my home again. Apparently, having techs out

to my home right now is nothing but a waste of time when it's not my

computer nor end. When I was on Roadrunner, I remember COX never did charge

to come out to your home, but I guess gas prices has gone up so they have to

charge $35 or make you get the Service Assurance Plan for $3.95 and some

change. I was thinking while I looked at the paper the PC tech had me sign,

"That's ridiculous. I can't help it your employer have mess up cable modem

service in this small city. Why do you have to pentalize me for?" If I

could get another cable ISP, I would had already switched four years ago

when I started having problems with Cox HSI. Even four years ago, there

weren't another choice for another cable company in the Topeka area, and

still isn't. Do NOT get Cox HSI if you live in Topeka unless you have no

other broadband options, and I do feel sorry for you. At times, two cans and

a string will be better method of HSD than Cox HSI. I don't want a tech out

because it's nothing but a waste of time but I want my

service fixed and it's a network issue on Cox's end.


30ca866c, 2008-12-20, 08:30AM CST

Well I am personally sorry for what you have been through. I also live in Topeka, and am a Mainline Technician. Your issue is extremely rare, is a hard one to fix, unless a few things are checked.

First of all what a technician is to do is check for signal quality in your house. Second they MUST check for what we call return noise with their meter. Long story short, they have new meters. The old ones, the manufacturer had issues with, which back in 06' they could not check for return noise well.

This can mess with a lot of customers in an area if not caught. Not only that it can be intermittent. For example electric items such as a hairdryer can cause issues, if there is an issue with that one item. I doubt that is your issue, but many things can cause that. Anyways most cable systems are divided up into fiber optic nodes, and you live in one of them for Topeka.

Cox has equipment that can look up each specific node area, including yours, to see whether there are issues going on in your area, such as T3, T4 errors,etc., which can give us an idea of where a specific issue may be coming from.

Not only that we can see if your node would be having a problem of what we call "saturation", which also could be your issue. In that case they would possibly have to add a fiber optic node in your area to help with the modem traffic in your area.

I am also surprised if this is going on that no one else is complianing of the same thing. Usually if there is an issue of this magnitude, it goes to the techs supervisor, then to the mainline supervisor to look into to monitor for a while.

If you would like, I can check your line outside at the pole to check some things on my end, and take a look into what node area you live in. We have almose 200 nodes, and you are having a rare issue, and I would personally like to look into it. The only thing is I would need your address, so I can see what node area you live in to take a look to see what issues, if you even have some anymore. It's been a few years so you may not now. Let me know.

If there is an issue, then I want it

fixed as bad as you do.!

641456a7, 2009-01-14, 12:32AM CST

Hello, I am in Fort Smith Arkansas 72904, and I agree as having same identical issues with COX, with the exception of having lower than 1mb speed downloads speed and on the weekends, I'm talking 200-500kb. I am paying cox $50.00 month for 9mb downloads here in Fort Smith Arkansas. On top of this, we use Vonage phone service and any speeds download drop below 3mb causes erratic behavior with the phones in our home, and we cannot even communicate with cox tech support without our voices skipping around to where you can't make out what's being said, and we cannot even call 911 if there was an emergency, all for $50.00 monthly.... Pissed off? You bet we are.

Past month or two cox service techs have been out here several times to no avail. Still same old thing, "it's peak time sir, the cable speed is always going to slow down at those times" and "Our digital telephone service doesn't have these problems as it runs on different frequencies than Vonage does"

Yes, with peak times having maybe 4 to 5 or 6mb download when I am paying for 9mb, but not 1mb or less, that is plain ignorant and uncalled for, and a very big rip off to many consumers out there.

We have yet another tech coming out tomorrow, and I guess we will start calling in technicians to come to our home everyday. Very bad deal people, very annoying, especially spending an average of 18 to 30 minutes on pre-paid wireless phone for tech support to tell me they are reading our modem and service reads just fine and go through in-home tech support before finally sending a technician out here.

The next thing I plan on doing, if I don't get reimbursed for most of what I have not received but paid for the past 6 months and get this problem with cox resolved VERY soon, is going to FCC and make a formal complaint about this, as well as better business bureau. With all the recorded data I have, I am sure it will come in handy if I go to stand.

Don't get me wrong here, you techs are mostly just doing your jobs and I am sure you are pretty cool people, but the "white hats behind the iron gates" know better, trying to "Squeeze" every bit of juice left to conserve, so cox can make more money, lots more in the long run.(talking about not installing extra leads, or "nodes" where needed)

I am an IT Analyst for 8 years now, been designing and building many high-end custom computers and specialized hi-tech equipment since 1989(over 500 to date) including Fiber Optic back in 2002, or 03 (when cox was just getting into FO), and was an electrician for 5 years, And took Industrial Technology 4 years. I know what I am talking about and when cox takes advantage of us paying customers like this, more of us customers need to speak out instead of being lazy and not doing anything about it, and letting it slide by while we drive down the road tossing our money out the car window.

All they need to do is add a few extra Optical nodes in my area and all should be well, for now. At least until DOCSIS 3.0 arrives, but that's another story when COX gets around to it, again...

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