Posted on Sunday, April 9th, 2006 at 10:33am CDT by fc684b69

Company: STUBHUB

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I was looking for Def Leppard w/Journey tickets and to possibly purchase them online if I found a good price.

The tickets run around 65.00 for General Admission...89.00 for the section closest to the stage...I got on StubHub

and after putting in credit card info to purchase the 65.00 tickets I looked at the cost and it was 187.95 for 2 tickets that

were billed to my credit card...when I hit the back button to back out of the trasaction I got a confirmation number and a page that said Thank You for your purchase. I called STUBHUB and complained about being charged for the most expensive thickets that I didn't want. I was charged top dollar for the tickets that should have been in the front of the stage section....but were actually tickets for the Lawn Section AND charged 11.00 for shipping and handling.

The Rep said she would waive the shipping and handling and that she has had alot of complaints about people hitting the back button and getting charged instead, I said that's a problem with your site and not my fault. There was no way she was going to let me back out of the deal. Here is

my e-mail I received from them....note the shipping and handling charged was not taken off..

One very unsatisfied customer.....

Def Leppard and Journey Tickets

White River Amphitheatre

August 31, 2006 07:00 PM (PDT)

(Event time subject to change. Check local listings.)

Quantity: 2

Section: Lawn

Row: GA


Shipping: Federal Express 2nd Day


Subtotal: $160.00

Shipping: $11.95

Service: $16.00

Total: $187.95


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