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Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2006 at 3:11pm CDT by 1173d537

Company: Action Packing And Shipping

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Brian Dinkins

Do not use this company ever. He works out of his home and outright robs his customers. I found him on the Internet and he lied to me by saying his company does the shipping himself. He told me everything will be in boxes with bubble wrap packed professionally. He actually sub contracts out packing companies and shipping companies. They went into my old apartment in Florida and supposedly packed everything and shipped it to my new home in Philadelphia. He told me in writing it would ship in about 10 boxes it came in 2. It also came just thrown in the boxes loose with no bubble wrap and looked like a 3 year old packed it. There were many broken glass and delicate items. We had brand new unopened stuff from stores and it did not arrive. This company either lost or stole $700 worth of my belongings. When I told Brian he begged me to give him my credit card for payment and he would work it out and fix the problem. He has done no such thing. He does not even return my emails or calls. I have file a lawsuit in small claims court as well as reported him to the Better Business Bureau. To my surprise he already has numerous complaints from other consumers. This what I get for trusting a man over the Internet who lied and said he was a big company yet he works out of his home and has never packed a box himself ever. He has no employees.


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a70ee955, 2008-06-04, 07:11PM CDT


I am the new owner of Action Packing and Shipping. I have had this company over a year and have never heard of this story. I do not know the details of this transaction with Ed but I can tell you that we are a small company that values customer service. We would return calls and emails if we had an unhappy customer!

This is a good example of why a customer should have insurance on their shipment. We offer insurance. It sounds as though Ed did not take out insurance.

Ed states that Action stole his belongings. Brian was in California and this job was from Florida to Philadelphia. Brian brokered jobs and taught me to do pack and ship service as a broker also. I can't confirm or deny what Brian told Ed. Ed could have contacted the company that actually had possession of his items instead of Action Packing and Shipping. He may have had a claim with them but his anger is directed at Action for obvious reasons.

There are parts to Ed's story that are suspect. Please call me to discuss! You can also contact me personally if you have ANY questions about our excellent service! Thank you and have a great day!

Sam 530-514-0814

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