Steve [email protected]/cancel my aol account now.

Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2006 at 1:12am CDT by 09140015

Company: Steve [email protected]/cancel my aol account now.

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screen name cpatcolquitt/i have called to cancel this account, now there is another spin off account in effect/i do not want any type of aol service.Ihave tried to cancel these 2 accounts and haven"t had any luck maybe this letter will help with this problem i am having. i was told by phone today that if i called before the 1st. of may there would be no charge, but that will not work because i have been charged every month when i was told it was free aol. please cancel these 2 accounts and never charge my account ever again i am very disatisfied with this whole scam. thanks. Danny Moody /Patsy Colquitt,


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b6bfbfee, 2008-03-07, 11:04AM CST

I,ve several times before May 1st to cancel my account and i don,t expect to be charged because, im not paying it .aol is too slow with too many problems and it cost too much so cancel it immediatly !

Anonymous, 2008-03-14, 02:29PM CDT

I am trying to cancel my AOL Service.

Ph: 662-895-3770

address: 458 Bailey Drive, Olive Branch, MS

We have not lived there in two years.

The charge of $32.30 is still coming out of my account. Please email my wife

Karen Leigh @ [email protected] or call her @ 901-288-7665. Please help.

Thank you. Edwin F Leigh.

9058f8ab, 2008-06-01, 02:58PM CDT

I need to cancel my aol account don't need it anymore since i have closed my Buisnes. Pleas stop billing my bank and deductingit from my accout. Thanks Argie

eaba23cb, 2008-07-02, 11:09AM CDT

I want to cancel my AOL dialup acount. I love AOL but now have high speed DSL throug Verizon. I had the dial-up account to ensure that my daughter had access to the internet while she finished college online, in case the high speed DSL experienced problems (which it initiallly did when Verizon first offered it in our area). I want to keep my aol e-mail account. Can you help

3ef8b956, 2008-07-25, 06:59PM CDT

I have been trying for three weeks to stop AOL and now I need your assistance. Thank you

52aec918, 2009-09-16, 08:54PM CDT

please help me, I want aol back as my carrier

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