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Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2006 at 8:28am CDT by 3813a828

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I have a Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan. I also need a lens replacement and now the remote control does not work, so I cannot control my fan now. How can I get in touch with the company. Lowes don't seem to be much of a help.




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2844835e, 2008-05-01, 08:40PM CDT

Our fan is not working and we also need to get in touch with the company. Can anyone help?

7db4daa3, 2008-05-14, 09:39AM CDT

I have a problem when our electricity goes off and then back on the remote control fan stops working for a long time. Then one day it just starts up again???? Can you help me!!!! This happens only with a power outage? Thanks,


91823fb1, 2008-09-23, 02:20PM CDT

Try Lit X industries : 1-800-527-1292

I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone but that is their contact number.



c6efa4ab, 2009-02-28, 06:37PM CST

I accidently dropped the remote. We can turn the light on by the wall switch...but, not the fan. HELP!


402715ad, 2009-06-11, 02:15PM CDT

I also have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and the remote doesn't work therefore I can't get the fan to go at all and can't turn the light on and off except with the wall switch. It worked fine last summer so this problem just happened by itself.

02538be6, 2009-07-17, 06:36AM CDT

Harborbreeze Fan Company,

I have your fan Item # 101489

54" Indigo Neon Ceiling Fan I need a 12"

(inch) Glass shade (cover) that broke

which cannot be found in the Lowes stores, or cataloges. Please HELP!

My email is [email protected]

Judy Weinman my phone is (301) 962-7676

Thank you for any assistance that you can give me.

Judy Weinman

be2dfa60, 2009-10-26, 12:19PM CDT

My Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan also is having problems. The fans runs very slow and the light is very dim. Looks like the capacitor is gone. Need to replace it and Lowe's was of no help at all. How to order directly with the company?

c92a409c, 2010-09-15, 02:19PM CDT


107fb3ca, 2011-04-05, 09:53PM CDT

[email protected]

b09a6a77, 2012-07-18, 08:39AM CDT

I too have problem with remote after electric outage and it appears Harbor Breeze no longer exists!

PAUL N., 2012-08-21, 09:55PM CDT

Dear Harbor Breeze

I tried replacing the lights in my harbor breeze ceiling fan. When I set it to the highest intensity it will maintain this setting for about 5 seconds then it will drop down to a lower light level. What is the matter, why won't it maintain the higher intensity?



Julie C., 2012-09-23, 02:01PM CDT

I have a Harbor Breeze Fan(not a ceiling fan) that I purchased about 7 months ago and now it is making a squealing sound. I took off the metal front cover, removed the blades, and it seems the noise is coming from the motor. It was working fine up until then, but now i have not been running it because of the noise. Any suggestions? I paid about $150 for this fan since it is a really nice decorative type, and I don't want to get rid of it....I thought there was some kind of mfgr warranty on the motor, but I only see contact info for ceiling fans.

Mac, 2012-11-28, 01:35PM CST

I have a 52 inch Aristocrat fan that is missing the manual and several parts, how do I arange to get these. Thank you for your time.

Mac McCormick

Phone (214) 668-7518

E-mail bobbimac49[email protected]

Frank G., 2014-01-28, 09:42AM CST

I have a fan less than 6 months old. It's a beautiful fan but you can be in the other room and all of the sudden light will come on so took batteries out of remote thinking they were at end of their life. Great problem solved, but wait . The next day the fan comes on the only way to switch it on/off is with batteries in remote so had to put them in again, just to turn fan off. I think they should change their name to hunted harbor ceiling fan.

kelley k., 2014-06-24, 07:07PM CDT

I have a Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52 inch outdoor ceiling fan. Two of them. They make quiet a humming sound. Do I need to oil them? If so where.

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