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Posted on Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 at 3:04am CDT by 5a669638

Company: metro pcs service/ or lack of it

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This a complaint against Metro PCS inc. p.o.box601119 Dallas, Tx. 75360 I upgraded my service in Febuart of 2006. I added information unlimmeted, and picture messageing. I started paying for the service in Febuary, and the service was not up and running untill the last week in March. I tryed to get intouch with the company, starting in febuary, and finnally talked to a live person on April 4th. I talked to Linsey rep #4635. She was pleasant and understanding what my complaint was, and she noted that the record's showed I was tring to resolve my problem for at least 1@half month's. I went to at least two Metro super service center's. The service rep's tried to use the service on company equipment, and all three time's I was told that the service was down, and they would contact me when and if they got the system up and running. I contacted customer service management through representative 4635, who patched me through to a service manager, who told me no ajustment would be made to my account, as it was only part of the package deal, therefore I was out of luck, and there was nothing to be done. I wonder how many thousand's of other customer's paid for the service, that was not available. Although the adjustment I beleive is due to me, is only about 10 dollar's, how much did metro recieve from all the customers just in the south region alone? I would like to see someone stand up to these monster compaines, for all the little guy's. If you can help I can be reached at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_15793# or call me at 954-297-4213


Midhraid T., 2008-05-05, 10:00AM CDT

I purchased my Metro PCS in March and was issued a recycled phone number, I was told that my name would appear on caller IDs with in three days of purchase. After about three weeks, the previous user's name kept appearing on caller IDs. I have been trying to contact a live agent for more than a month and I keep hearing the automated prompt telling me that I cannot be transfered to an agent. I have called the corprate headquarters and they refuse to help. They keep telling me that I MUST call *611 or *99 for assistance. I called local Metro PCS stores and ALL of the sales people are rude and arrogant. This is a mickey mouse operation that does not care about the individual customer. They only care about the profit margin. I was going to attempt to use my phone to service another carrier but because the phones do not use SIM cards, I am stuck with this low level, poor relations, customer neglecting company. I think that Metro PCS show be brought down to their knees. I say that all others that are fed up with the lack of propper customer service demonstrated by Metro PCS should get together and file a class action law suit agains Metro PCS. These congomerates need to be made to understand that it is us who keep them afloat and that they MUST acknowledge the individual comsumer rather than their profit margins. If you are haveing such problems and are also being neglected by Metro PCS.....lets do something about it. If you are an attorney with enough balls to help the neglected consumers and want to help in this matter please contact me via email.


Pissed off consumer

275bff2e, 2008-06-23, 07:58PM CDT

YES METRO PCS SUCKS. That is why i am canceling my service today. They ruined my phone by putting a defective battery in it and trying to use the wrong battery adapter on it. The authorized dealer in Fort Worth Texas ( Northside)refused to compensate me or refund me. Now my phone does not work because of an illeterite employee they founfd on the street to work the counter. Yes i could probably sue thier ass and win. But by canceling my service with Metro ZPCS will do more harm. They will be out of business within one year.

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