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Posted on Monday, April 3rd, 2006 at 6:14pm CDT by c6103e4f

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Bally Total Ridiculousness!!!!!

First, I want to complain about the service of your club: exteremly bad service, and always trying to rob people money: I have been calling the number 866-402-2559 for the whole morning April 3, 2006, still keep listening to the stupid answering system. After I can talk to a real peron finally, his name is Mike (or Mark), he is very unpolite and couldn't help me to solve my problem at all. When I told him that I wanted to talk to his manager, he kept ignorning my requested.... then, put me back to the hold "forever"....... I'm very disappointed about his attitude of being a customer service.

Back to my problem: I have paid $142.42 for my membership renewal thru internet for the whole year membership fee @ Dec, 31, 2005. I don't know why that I received a notice telling me I could only access the club until Feb, 14, 2005. Recently, I received another notice that telling me to pay another $168.96 to "renew" my membership. This is totally nonsense...

1.) When I renewed my membership online, there is no other statement that to say I need to pay EXTRA $$ to maintain my membership. When the club trainner asked me to renew my membership after my membership expired for couple months, he just said I need to pay $50 for reinstatment fee and $92.40 for the membership for the whole yr.

2.) I've been in Bally member for about 5 yrs, I'm not under any contact anymore. I don't know why you need to charge me extra to renew my membership and so-called "maintain my membershp fee". The $50 reinstatement fee should cover everything. And now, after I renewed it @ Dec, 31.... You said I could only access to the club til Feb, 14, 06... that's mean... I paid $142.40 for only 2 months. Bally Totally Ridiculous!!!!!

3.) That stupid guy name Mike (or Mark) told me in very unpolite way... saying I need to pay all the fee (after my membership expired for couple months) in order to maintain my membership. If so, why you NEVER state that when I renewed it couple months ago?? I didn't see any statement on internet or no body telling me on the club when they asked me to join back. Remember..... I'm not on any contact ANYMORE!!! By the way, there was NO statement at all, telling me that I need to pay extra $$ to maintain my membership. If I know it..... I won't join back for sure. 200% disappointed !!!

I requested a full refund or re-maintain my membership.


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