Posted on Friday, April 28th, 2006 at 1:33pm CDT by 04a45159

Company: STINKS!

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I placed an order at for curtains. That was a major mistake.

I placed the order order on April 19, 2006. I resceived an email

notifying me that the order would not be shipped until May 9th. I

called Sears and told Judy that I wanted to cancel the order because

the ship date was unacceptable and there was no explanation of why the


Judy told me she cancelled the order. I guess Judy is a LIAR!

I soon received an email stating that Sears received notification of

the cancellation but could not guaranty that the order would be


I find it amazing that the minute I tried to cancel the order, suddenly

Sears can ship the order before the May 9th date they told me. I

called and spoke with a supervisor who of course told me that I should

have read the cancellation notice on the website. Wow, I guess if

someone were to order something and Sears gave a ship date of December

31st, there would be no way of cancelling the order, according to the

Sears supervisor. Does that sound legal to anyone?

I might add that this same supervisor said that there was NOTHING on

record that I cancelled the order. I forgot to tell her that I

recieved an email notifying me that they were aware of my request.

I will NEVER order from ever again. As far as I am concerned

they are all LIARS.


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