complaint regarding Virgin Mobile USA

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Company: complaint regarding Virgin Mobile USA

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April 27, 2005

To whom it may concern,

I have been doing business with Virgin Mobile USA, a

prepaid mobile phone service for about 3 years. I

recently purchased a new telephone model from them in

December 2005, and have been continuing to use their

service until sometime during the first week of

February. I do not remember the exact day the service

stopped working correctly, but it was during the first

week of February, when the service stopped working in

certain areas, and I have no connection to the mobile

network. For approximately two months I have

contacted the company's technical support department

trying to get a resolution to the connectivity

problems I've been experiencing. I have spoken with

numerous technical support staff, including technical

support managerial staff. They ensure me that my

phone service SHOULD be working in the areas of

complaint, however, they will not open an

investigative trouble ticket for this issue, nor will

they take any action to assist me to get my phone

service working. I asked why I can't access their

network, and the only answer I have been able to

obtain thus far is that my service MAY have changed,

but they cannot be certain. I do not understand why

nobody can determine whether or not there have been

any service changes, and why nobody is willing to

create an incident tracking “ticket” for me. I have

explained that I have a substantial investment in the

actual phone itself, various add-ins such as ring

tones, wallpapers, etc. as well as the prepaid airtime

to make everything work. The answer I received from

management staff in the technical support department

was “while we realize this situation is unfortunate

for you, we are not authorized refund you any money,

nor will we open a 'trouble ticket' or for that matter

take ANY further action on the problem that prevents

your connectivity to the cellular network”. I have

never heard of anything so ridiculous, I almost

couldn't believe I was hearing this! Normally, I

would just cancel all service with a company like

this, and cease to do any further business with them.

However, this is a prepaid service, and they will not

provide me with the service I have already paid for in

advance, nor will they refund my money on either the

phone, add-ins, or the airtime. To date, I have been

out about $260.00 on a phone that will not work in

areas that I need it to, which according to Virgin

Mobile USA is supposed to be serviced within their

coverage area. What is even more frustrating to me is

the complete lack of willingness to investigate this

problem or assist me with any kind of resolution at

all. It would seem that after graciously accepting my

money, Virgin Mobile USA's business with me was

through—even though I am not able to enjoy the

benefits of a product and service I have purchased

from them. It is my hope that by disseminating this

information to the right individual(s), I might gain

some insight regarding a possible resolution to

problems such as this one, where a consumer has in

good faith purchased a product and/or a service from a

company, and that product and/or service has not been

delivered—neither will the company refund the purchase

price for the goods/services that have not been





c2f9fabd, 2008-06-22, 07:06PM CDT

To whom it may concern

I am not a customer of virgin mobile but you guys havr been taking out of my account and evertime i call to check to see if my money was added back into the account its never their. I am tired of having to get the run around with this company i have been calling for 4weeks now and nothings happen i want someone to get back with me.

4c8e643a, 2008-07-24, 01:10AM CDT

I have a lot of trouble with them, I am thinking about reporting them with ripoff report.

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