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Posted on Thursday, April 27th, 2006 at 1:40pm CDT by de7a815e

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Starbucks Coffee, locate on Route 234 Fortuna Shopping Center, Dumfries, VA 22026

I have been purchasing coffee from Starbucks since they opened. I go through the drive thru around 5:30 am. For the past month or so my cup of Grande White Mocha has been very light. I have discovered that once the whip cream melts, I only have 3/4 cup of coffee. My expenditure for a cup of coffee is $4.10.

By the time I discover my cup is short I am driving to work and cannot turn around to bring it to their attention.

I am requesting satisfaction. I will be sending this email to Starbucks corporate office.

Thank you

Ms. Willie A. Hunt

16513 Sparkling Brook Loop

Dumfries, VA 22025


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dec42857, 2008-11-25, 02:33PM CST

Then don't get whip cream. Simple as that. The barista's have to leave about 1-2 inches of room at the top to accomodate whip cream so that it doesn't spill out of the cup and burn you. If you don't get whip cream then they'll fill it to the top. Commmon sense.

52be555f, 2010-08-07, 10:57PM CDT

If you're getting your coffee to go, you need to keep in mind that the barista needs space at the top of the mocha for the whipped cream and space so that they can fit the lid on with ease. I understand if maybe they are leaving a little too much room, but if you want the full amount of coffee in your cup you should ask for no whip.

8ab9ddc7, 2010-12-06, 09:49AM CST

I'm a Starbucks barista, and we have recently changed our method of steaming milk, which does create more foam. The best way to fix this problem would be to ask for no foam on your white mocha. That way, the whipped cream is sitting on top of just milk. Foam often does collapse after a while, making the drink lighter and making the cup look less full.

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