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Posted on Thursday, April 27th, 2006 at 10:24am CDT by 7b586bcc

Company: Filene's Basement

Location: MILFORD, CT, US

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My unpleasant experience with Filene's, Milford, CT

I had worked in Filene'ss at Nashua, New Hampshire forabout 18 months as a sales associate from August 2002 to Feb 2004. After we moved to New Haven,Connecticut I approached Filene’s at Milford, CT. for a same kind of job. Since I had earned a diamond star (the highest award given to sales associates for their good work) in that short period I was very hopeful of getting the sales associate job. Moreover it was end of October and the stores were getting ready to hire seasonal people for Christmas.

When I first went to Filene’s, Milford there was a gentleman who encouraged me to apply. I went there again after a weak to submit my application. The assistant to Human Resource Manager was very

indifferent to me. She said she would call Nashua to find out whether I was hirable and would let me know in two days. I waited for four days and called her to find out whether she scrutinized my application and whether she called Nashua. She said she did not have time to do so and would soon call Nashua and would let me know. Even after ten days she did not call me and I wrote to the store manager explaining my experiences

with the store. As soon as the letter reached him Human Resource manager

called me and asked me whether I was still interested in working in the store. Since I had already started working for a company I told her that my project with that company would be finished by March 2005 and I

could come and work in Filene’s as a sales associate after that.

When I went there in April I was offered a position as a stock person and was told that I could get the sales associate position after some time. Since they did not offer me a sales associate position even after six

weeks I quit and they wanted me to put it in writingthat I left voluntarily.

Again in October 2005, which is the season for hiring extra people for Christmas I applied for a sales associate position. This time the Human Resource manager was indifferent and rude to me and said there was nothing available at that time. When I asked her whether I could call her to find out about the availability of any position she said she would call me and sternly told me not to call her. She never called me and I wrote a letter to her and there was no response from her. Please note this is Christmas time and all the stores were hiring extra people to meet the extra demand from customers.

Then I decided to go to Nashua, New Hampshire, where I had worked previously. I called the Human Resource manager there and she immediately offered me a sales associate position. Since my daughter lives in Nashua I stayed with her for seven weeks and worked in

Filene's at Nashua. Just before leaving, Human Resource manager in that store sent my Job Interest Transfer application with her recommendation to

Filene's at Milford and told me to meet the Human Resource manager of that store as soon as I reached=New haven. I did as I was advised by her but with no result. Human Resource manager's assistant of this

store told me that her boss told her to tell me that nothing was available. I pleaded with her to offer me at least an on-call position so that I could be on the company's pay roll and work whenever something came up. She said that there was nothing including an on-call position.

Again I wrote a letter to the store manager and a month after receiving my letter the store manager wrote to me saying that if I wanted an on-call position I could immediately call either her or the Human Resource manager. I wrote to her back almost immediately asking her to let me meet her in person so that I could explain to her about how the HR people in her store treated me. I did not hear from her for about a month and wrote to her again reminding her about my request. I got a call from the store (I think it is the store manager’s secretary) asking me to come to the store after about three weeks to meet the store manager. I was there on the appointed date and time. The HR manager was also there. They both explained that the assistant to the HR manager put

aside my application in 2004 and just forgot about that! It is only negligence on her part and nothing else. For not offering a position in 2005 before Christmas their explanation was that they did not know

whether they were going to hire seasonal people. It is hard to believe that the department stores are not sure whether they are going to hire people for Christmas, the busiest of the seasons. For not

offering me even an on-call position in 2006 the store manager said that the assistant to the HR manager in her store did offer me an on-call position. If that is true why would I write to the store manager? How

come whenever I wrote to the store manager they come up with something and not when I approach them first? Why this hostile discriminatory treatment was meted out to me whenever I approached the store with a

desire to work there?


April 27, 2006


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