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American Express

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We opened a small business credit card account with American Express in 2004. We used the card, and paid the balance in full every month. In June of 2005, the card was used to purchase a piece of equipment which cost over $2,000.00. The charge began to appear on the very bext bill. We made payments on the balance, and for several months, this amount kept appearing on our bill with LATE FEES,and FINANCE CHARGES added every month, because the total amount due had not been paid in full. Then, in March of 2006, we received a letter from the Company where we had purchased the eqiupment, informing us that American Express had NOT paid this charge, and we now owed the entire amount due to THEM.

Calling American Express did NO good, as they simply "couldn't explain" why the charge had suddenly disappeared from our credit card bills..........................BUT the late fees, and "finance charges" were STILL there. We told American Express we would NOT pay these "fees" because they were for a charge that had never actually been made to the card! SOOO.................of course, Am.Ex. turned this amount over to a collection agency. We have filed disputes with the collection agency, and are waiting for a reply from them. BUT, today (4-24-06) we received a NEW bill from AM.EX. with a NEW "late fee" of $30.00! This late fee is added to the amount that has already been turned over for "collection".

I called the customer service department at AM EX., only to be told that they can't access that account, since it is closed, and all enquiries should be directed to the 'collection agency". SO...................I made a call to a different department at Am Ex., and they told me that even tho. the collection agency was trying to collect this BOGUS "debt", there is STILL an unpaid balance on this account,and they WILL continue to add late fees!!!! I then asked them to close the account..............of course, the woman came back and told me this couldn't be done, because the account is already closed. When I asked her HOW they can "charge" anything on a "closed account" that is NO longer their "responsibility", she simply could not answer me.

At this point.............I would rather STARVE to death than to EVER do business with AM EX again. My next move is to have our Atty. contact them. I am not one to "sue" people, but I see no ther way to resolve this matter.

Consumers beware of AMERICAN EXPRESS.. They are rip-off artits if there ever was such a thing.

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