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Posted on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006 at 4:34pm CDT by 14f99763

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I purchased a washer and dryer at Lowes in Glen Burnie, MD. They guarantee “professional installation”. When the two men arrived they told me “I hope this isn’t going downstairs and into a basement because we were told to just drop it off inside the front door”. Then they proceeded to tell me all of the reasons why they couldn’t get it into the basement and that they had no experience installing them. One of the men works regularly in yard and garden and both of them had significant back problems. The other man had only been working at Lowes for one month and said he had received “no training”.

Eventually they did get the appliances down the stairs but had to call the manager repeatedly asking for someone to come out and help them and to get instructions on how to install the pedestal for the washer and the other parts of the washer. They were told that several men would come right out to help but no one showed up. He called them over and over begging for someone to come but no one did. When he couldn’t get any help he said “forget it, I’ll figure it out myself”.

The washer was not leveled until I insisted that he do it, the legs weren’t secured properly, the washer leaked water onto the floor when he did a test (which he did not know how to do)and he did not use the correct drain hose sequence to the drain pipe and he cut himself and left blood on one of the leveling legs sitting down in the basement.

When they got the dryer down stairs one of the men cut himself badly and went running out of the house holding pressure on his hand while blood went everywhere. “He said I think I sliced off the end of my finger”. I applied a pressure bandage and told him to go right to the hospital. He then went back into the basement to finish the job and I had to insist that both of them “not touch another thing and leave my home immediately”. I had to tell them several times to leave. All the while these things were happening he was calling Lowes begging for assistance and when he told them he was injured they told him to finish the job.

There is blood in my foyer, on my basement steps, all over the new dryer, on the basement floor and on one of the old screw legs.

I spoke to an assistant store manager several times and eventually she informed me that the assistant service dept manager would be out tomorrow morning at 7AM to complete the installation and that he would have it completed by 7:45AM. She said she would get someone to clean up the blood and call me right back. After waiting for a half an hour for a return call I called her again. She had left the store to get her dinner. I spoke to the assistant store manager and explained to him that the blood was a health hazard and must be cleaned from my home immediately using the proper products. It could not wait until tomorrow! He said he would call the service manager and call me right back with a plan to take care of that. Well it’s been about an hour now and guess what…no one has called me back!!!

I would like them to take both appliances back and not do another thing in my home but I’m not sure where I stand legally and they would probably destroy something else or someone would get hurt again.

Oh, by the way, they tore up the molding on one side of my door leading to the basement when they were taking the appliances down the stairs.


It is obvious that they don’t know what they are doing and do not care about their employees or their customers.


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54661983, 2008-11-22, 08:35PM CST

I have purchased several applicances from Lowes and have never had anything but posivtive results. They have been extremely professional and willing to please. Because of the plesant experiences I've had over the years I will continue to consider them first for future purchases. (And, no I do not work for Lowes nor am I connected to them in any way.)

e3d3eefa, 2008-12-03, 10:07PM CST

As soon as they tried 2 take me down the rabbit hole with they didnt know how to install it and they were 2 leave it, I would have showed them the contract stating that it is 2 be installed and if not then Lowes is in breech and dont even bother takin it of the truck ...

e77c6265, 2008-12-23, 12:49AM CST

I just had a refrigerator and microwave delivered from Lowe's. I was told they would take the old appliances and install the new. When they got to my house they said they could not uninstall my microwave due to insurance reasons and left the new microwave on my floor in the kitchen. They hooked up my refrigerator, but said the water lines that came with it weren't long enough to reach the water hook up in the wall, so I would have to go buy that and install it myself. The delvery guy explained the filter, but didn't install that either. Basically all they did was drop these off and left. I feel I was mislead by my salesperson. I would not have bought these from Lowe's had I known I would have to hire someone else to install them. Disappointed is all I can say!

b01409ca, 2009-09-08, 07:19PM CDT

I have just had a similiar experience with a washer/dryer delivery and installation from the Opelousas, LA store. The men they sent out had never installed a pedestal. Then they couldn't figure out how to hook up the vent for the dryer. When my husband got home, he had to show them how to hook the dryer vent up to the wall discharge. They proceeded to finish the installation, and hooked the dryer from the back, so it made the dryer stick out into the doorway, and they were ready to leave it that way. We couldn't close the door. At this point, I had already call the store manager when I realized how incompetent these men were. My husband asked them to move the dryer hose to the side discharge hole, and they said it couldn't be done. I made another phone call to the store manager who said that I'd have to choose another model that had side discharge. The installation manager then called and said that he would call the manufacturer to see if it could be done. It could but it had to be done by a technician - the same professional that they advertise does ALL installations. I finally got fed up and told them to load up the whole thing and take it back. This wasn't worth the hassle. After the appliances were back on the truck, the store manager called back trying to save the sale, and offered to get a professional into the store, fix the dryer to side discharge and re-deliver them tomorrow. Just rec'd a call from store manager, and repair company said it would be a $400 repair to side vent and Lowe's said they couldn't do it at that price. Plus, the kit needed was on backorder, and the repair company couldn't get them. So I'm without a washer/dryer until I can find something else.

5f8293bb, 2010-11-20, 05:51PM CST

What a horror story--I had almmost all of my appliances delivered and instlled by them and they were cutious, pleasant, knowledgeable and quick--no problems at all.

3d639207, 2011-08-13, 03:13PM CDT

I recently purchased a new washer, dryer, dishwasher, and fridge at Lowes. Three of the four appliances were delivered and installed without a problem. The fridge ( a samsung) was delivered separately.. twice. The first time the fridge was installed and seemed fine but never made ice in the top ice maker. We contacted Lowes and they sent someone out. The repair man said the ice maker was installed incorrectly and was now frozen shut. We could have a new fridge installed or turn the broken one off for 3 days to let the ice melt and than have the repair man come back out to take another look.

Naturally I opted for the new fridge. The new one was delivered the next weekend, again by Big E Transportation - a Sub contractor that delivers all appliances for the Lowes in Cockeysville, MD. After the fridge was installed it seemed to be working fine until we noticed it was not pushed back all the way. When I inspected further I realized it was not pushed back all the way because the movers wanted to cover up the huge scratch in our floor! We contacted Lowes and were told to talk to Big E. Big E transportation sent out a guy to take pictures of the scratch and eventually gave us a check fro the replacement of our floor.

When our floor contractor came out ( not affiliated with Lowes) he tried to move the fridge and said the wheel was not rolling properly. Upon further inspection we noticed that the entire right side of the bottom of the fridge was dented and both wheels were broken. The scratch I had noticed went all the way to the back of the fridge. The movers HAD to have known the wheels were not working and CHOSE not to tell us and hope that we wouldn't notice. I am now waiting to hear back from the manager at Lowes. This is ridiculous.

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