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Posted on Friday, April 21st, 2006 at 10:35am CDT by a009b7c1

Company: Hampton Bay customer Service

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I called Hampton Bay for a fan replacement part , a metal clip that holds the light globes in place. I gave them the number listed on the fan and they could not find it in their system. they stated that they do not support fans more than 2-3 years old , and suggested I replace the fan with a new one, as they could not locate a $2.00 part.

I find it hard to believe a large company does not keep its records for at least 7 years as they are legally required to.

This matches the customer service I get when I go to my local Home Depot (owner of Hampton Bay), I feel as if my business in not needed, I get no service. When I went there to look for the clip in question I was sent to 4 different people It took half an hour only to find that they do not sell fan parts.


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8ab2cec7, 2011-01-19, 05:57PM CST

I do not have a complaint. I have a 5 blade fan with 4 lights. I would like to take the lights off and only have the fan. I need a cap and I was told by Home Depot that I need to contact Hampton Bay to order one of these. The color of fan is a blacken brass. Thank you Denise Boyles

68dabd1a, 2011-11-24, 10:11AM CST

i was very disappointed with your solar led walk lights sku # 985099 upc # 873046001900.I bought 4 sets of lites and they didnt work .I returned them to home depot and replaced them,ufortunely they didnt hold charge in direct sun light also they were very dim.i didnt return them to store lost receipt,I have your ceiling fans and they are great but your solar lites arent that great.

d490488c, 2012-04-01, 09:30AM CDT

I also had the same problem. However I was told they no longer carried the two fans that where defective. Customer service told me to take down the fans and bring them back to the store purchaced at. I told them I did not have reciepts or box any longer since they were 2 and half years old. He said that the fans would be either replaced or traded for same quality or price. I called to verify with store they agreed with the info i recieved. I hired an electrician who took them down. I brought them in and the manager refused to give me the same value of new ones he instead offered me 62.00 instead of what I originaly paid 240.00. I am out o pocket now of 225.00 for the cost of help and the price of the fans.I want them to honor what they told me. (I was told by the mngr if they did not work the cost of taking them down basically was my problem because if they didnt work in the first place they needed to be taken down anyway.)I want Replacement of my fans with equal value that was the info I was told by both customer service and the store. The manager said that customer service for Hampton bay was not home depot related ???????

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