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Overstock.com - online retailer

Don't buy any reconditioned electrical or electronic products from Overstock.com! I've had a very bad experience with a "reconditioned" Panasonic SC-HT690 DVD Home Theater System. It was DOA upon opening. Unfortunately, we had the unit boxed for 9 months while we waited for our new house to be finished and the custom entertainment center built. I live on an island in the Caribbean and its not easy to deal with defective products.

Anyway, upon contacting them I received the "run around" for several weeks. Email support basically didn't even want to deal with me. They said they would have a technical support person contact me. The technical person did email but then never responded to any follow-ups. Of course, that person said they couldn't accept it back. So, I'm stuck with a $250 system that doesn't work and never worked.

Last year I also bought an expensive "reconditioned" stainless steel high end toaster oven from them. It did not work properly either. It wouldn't work on bake mode, which is why we bought it in the first place.

DO NOT BUY ANY RECONDITIONED PRODUCTS FROM OVERSTOCK. You do not know what you are getting. Uncaring customer support with a total lack of interest in helping to solve the problem. The opinion I got was that they just hope you will "go away" and not bother them.

Marcia Quinn


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