Maytag Neptune Top Loader

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2006 at 4:46pm CDT by d231042e

Company: Maytag Neptune Top Loader

Category: Other

I am an individual that bought a Maytag Neptune top loader washing machine and dryer from Sears 5/04. I hated it from the beginning and now want it out of my house. It has stained many of my clothes and it will not get things very clean. It wrinkles and knots up the clothes and you cannot wash a large load or you really will end up with dirty clothes. And all of this for $999.99 for the washer!!! I have tried to get Maytag to help me and they say that they have discontinued it for “marketing reasons”. Yes, I recounted, it does not work so the market is not there! It is a dog with fleas and they know it and are not willing to help. It is very sad that there is no customer service. They could at least try to give us consumers a different machine, but that would mean giving up something…profits!


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