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Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2006 at 5:58pm CDT by 2603bb5b

Company: Fw: Dissatisfied with your service

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From: Thomas Gliganic


Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 4:27 PM

Subject: Dissatisfied with your service

Kris Partridge,

I recently tried to purchase an item from your site and the following account will illustrate the reasons why I will not do so again.

On March 26, 2006 I ordered a pair of Firstgear mesh tech pants, size 36 (order number 8366) I received no E-Mail confirmation of the order. I called on or about March 28 and found out that the system had my E-Mail address server wrong; ie. AOL instead of MSN. We clarified this, and on April 03 I received a confirmation that the order was shipped out. I noticed that the confirmation indicated size 30. I called your company and was told that I should wait to see what size was delivered, and if it was a 30 I could return it for a 36.

At this point I was pretty upset because one of your customer service reps told me that the size and E-Mail address problems were my fault, and he would not ship the right sized item Fedex (I requested this because It was now 8 days since I placed the order and I had a trip scheduled the following weekend).

At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor and I spoke with Steve. Steve assured me that if the pants I received were indeed wrong I could send them back and your company would send a replacement upon receipt of the tracking number for the returning item. He had no explanation as to why it should take 8 days to ship an item, but he assured me that the delay I experienced was unusual and would not happen again.

On April 06 I received the pants, size 30, and I returned it at the UPS store on April 08. I E-Mailed the tracking number to customer service the same day. I requested that you send it Fedex at my expense. To date, your company has not yet shipped a replacement. This time it has been 9 business days since I returned the item (5 business days since you received the item).

I spoke to Steve again today. There was no explanation as to the delay, no forecast for shipment, and no remedy offered. I finally gave up and cancelled the order. Though I regret the time I wasted with your company, I'm also grateful that this was not an expensive or otherwise important order.

I order a great deal of motorcycle related merchandise online. I would say that I'm pleasantly surprised with the efficiency and competence of the firms 90 % of the time. The remaining 10 % have been satisfactory or at worst, marginally so. My experience with Metric Bikes.com has been, by far, the worst. I will not subject myself to it again; I will inform my club-members and fellow enthusiasts accordingly.

Tom Gliganic


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