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I purchased a BRAND NEW acer laptop computer July of 2005 and it is under warranty for one monthy (manufacture's warranty).

Two days ago this laptop started making clicking sounds, and I called the number that I received in a letter from Acer (when I purchased this computer). The person (Cole was his name) at that number, gave me another number and told me that I had to call Acer directly).

Called Acer and the tech rep. there by the name of Crystal informed me that the ONLY choice I had was to purchase a new hard drive (I had to give them a credit card #) and they would send me a new hard drive, and I HAD TO PUT IT IN the computer. I explained that I did NOT want to do this, and she said there was no other option.

Today the new hard drive arrived (and they did charge my debit card for this new hard drive rather than placing a hold on the charge, as she said they would) and I tried to out in the new hard drive with help from Charlie at Acer repair dept. After over 45 minutes, one of the screws fell into the back of the laptop so we could not put the hard drive in successfully.

It was then that Charlie informed me that I could have shipped my laptop to them (at their cost!) and they would have repaired it for me at no charge since it is completely covered by warranty.


So today, I had to spend the entire afternoon on the phone with Acer, now I am waiting for Fedex to pick up the computer, and my entire day has been wasted.

I will never purchase another Acer product. Period.

Danita Spakowski


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