2001 GMC Jimmy Transmission failure

Posted on Tuesday, April 18th, 2006 at 3:01pm CDT by 84eb44d7

Company: 2001 GMC Jimmy Transmission failure

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I own a 2001 GMC Jimmy with 87,000 miles. I purchased the vehicle new from a GMC dealer and had it serviced at the GMC dealership regularly. The vehicle is in excellent condition.

This past weekend, I was out of town with the Jimmy and the transmission failed. No 3rd, 4th or Reverse gears. Fortunately for me, I was not traveling when this happened; I was at my in-laws home in St.Louis. I had to have the vehicle towed into the nearest GMC dealer on Good Friday. As I feared, it was a catastrophic transmission failure requiring a complete rebuild of the gears, clutches and seals. The total bill was in excess of $2300. I asked the service technician working on the vehicle if there was anything I could have done to cause this type of failure. I also asked if there was any way I could have predicted or prevented this type of failure. His answer to both questions was "no". He said it was an unusual "hardware" type failure and that I was in no way at fault or accountable for this incident.

The service manager suggested I contact GM Customer Service for possible reimbursement. He told me there was a good chance they would pick up all or part of the bill due to the unusual nature of the repair. I contacted GM Customer service in regard to my transmission problem. They said they would look into it and return my call within 24 hours.

The next day came and went without hearing from GM, so I called them again. I was transferred to a different rep who was handling my case. I was informed that GM would not reimburse me for any of the repairs. They freely admitted that I was not accountable for the failure, that it was not common for the tranny to fail in this time period and that it was very unfortunate that this happened to me. But they decided they would not offer any assistance and that was final. I was unhappy with this reply and requested to speak with a department manager. I was connected to someone who claimed to be the department manager, gave me the same "I'm so sorry" line of lip service but still refused to offer any help.

As I told them, when GM goes into bankruptcy, I'll be feeling "so sorry" also… If they can't stand behind their products, then they shouldn't be in business.


Appleton, WI


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