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Company: Lute Riley Honda

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I am employed by the U.S. Government as a civialian. In 2003 i was promoted to head the office in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I received official government travel orders regarding this transfer. My complaint is as follows:

In December 2002 (knowing I was selected and would be transfered to

Ecuador,) I went to Lute Riley Honda in Richardson, Texas and attempted to work out a trade in of my leased Honda Odessy. My reason for this was to obtain a vehicle that would be more rugged and useful on the treacherous roads in Ecuador. The salesman showed me a 2003 Honda CRV 5 speed manual. The vehicle would be perfect for Ecuador conditions. I then sat down with the salesmen and informed them that I liked the vehicle, but would not enter into an agreement if the vehicle could not be exported under official travel orders to Ecuador. The salesman told me that he didnn't think that would be a problem and even though I planned to lease the vehicle, I should be able to take it with me. I said that was fine but again could he check with someone. He made If i remember 2 phone calls to unknown parties and the result was that they would not have a problem with this. Even though on the contract it says otherwise.

Under the above belief, I agreed, signed the contract and departed with the vehicle. I later learned when I attempted to arrange to paper work that Honda finance company would not allow me to transport the vehicle. Nor would they let me out of the lease agreement. I informed them about what the salsman had informed me and they were not interested nor did they care. The solution offered byu Honda Finance Corporation was no problem, simply buy out the lease and everything would be fine. For me this was not a solution, as I did not have the credit or cash to pay them over 20 thousand dollars.

Before moving to Ecuador in Sept 2003 I attempted to speak with representatives of Honda located in Las Colinas Texas (near Irving) and was told a supervisor would be with me shortly. I was made to wait about 30 minutes before a 30ish male addressed me at a bullet proof window and asked what my problem was. I was concerned about the bullet proof glass, and the man looked as if he expected me to attack him or something. I explained that it was a private matter, but i wasn't allowed access and was forced to speak through the glass in the presense of the receptionist, and other people waiting in the area. Needless to say nothing was resolved. Honda through-out has never offered me a solution other than the ridiculous one stated above.

I officially moved in September 2003. My wife stayed behind and we still

paid the monthly fees and used the vehicle. We put the vehicle up for sale but no one offered. My wife found a company in the Dallas Morning news classified section that claimed to help people get out of undesireable leases and connect people who need vehicles we obtained the services of this person and he found a couple to make the payments. I know this isn't allowed by as terms of the lease but i had no option; However they began to lag behind on the payments and finally stopped all together. I informed Honda of the couples address and location. Without my knowledge they repoed the car, and sold it at auction in November 2005. I was never informed of this and Honda has had my new address for months. I recently called Honda about the vehicle and was informed of these developments. In true Honda fashion the representative was reluctant to give me any information and would not tell me the selling price. I get the feeling that Honda made a profit on the vehicle, and don't want me to know. Also they stuck me for a $4,970.87 bill but would accept $3,725.00 bill for services and fees. Now a collection agent is calling me every day for the money. I have been shafted on this from the beginning, and will never do business with this company again, and do my best to persuade every one I know to boycott this company. They are attempting to ruin me and jeopardize my job over this.

A colleague of mine recently informed me to write a letter to Honda Corporation regarding this and that I should have been let out of this lease without penalty after informing them of an official government transfer. The same courtesy is offered to the U.S. military when they are deployed and should apply to the civilian government service as well. I almost ended up divorced over this. I was medivaced in November 2005 with a serious staff infection in my knee and was out of comission for two months. I need Honda to recognize the circumstances i am in and to immediately absolve me from this debt, and make an effort to clean this debt from my credit history as well. Please assist in every way possible.


Guayaquil, Ecuador


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