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Posted on Monday, April 17th, 2006 at 3:36pm CDT by 2b2cfa06

Company: Ken Richardson Knives

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Ken Richardson Knives

Rt. 286 Box 66

Davisville, MO 65456


They advertised custom made knives on their website

I ordered 3 knives from them. I was told it would be 3 weeks before I

received them. When 3 weeks came and went and I hadn't gotten the knives I

called them back. I was told they were mailing the the next day. I never

received them. Each time I called I was told they were going out the next

day. Mrs. Richardson also verified my order and mailing address. I finally

received the knives 3 months later COD. I paid for them and got them in the

house to open them. They weren't what I had ordered. I called the business

and spoke with Mr. Richardson this time. I was told to send them back,

because they had a contract with cabelas and would already have them sold.

He said I wouldn't get another knife or a refund. He said he didn't have to

sell to me and called me a liar. He screamed into the phone and talked to

me very hateful. This company falsely advertises custom made knives on

their website when they don't have the time or manpower to fill the orders.

They have very poor business skills. Most of the time they don't even

answer their phone. I was very disappointed in the service I received.


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10874a4e, 2009-01-27, 08:44AM CST

I see were you could be upset but I know for a fact that these knives are trully custom made by hand, I've watched the process most my life as I am there grandson. You have every right to be made but it really pisses me off to see you slander the fact that these are really custom and hand made. The business is always very busy and I will admit the are freaking human and can make mistakes but you can understand surely you've made a mistake before. I happen to know Ken standds behind his product and I'm sure if they can handle suppling all the Bass Pros he can handle a little 3 knife order!! So in return to anyone reading this, the original post could be true, but in my many years of being a Richardson I have rarely ever heard a complaint about my families business. By the way I am not a part of the business, just a member of the family.

edcf7f80, 2009-06-30, 11:22PM CDT

I would agree that you do not seem to know the process that the Richardson Family go through to make these knives. When they say that they are hand made they in fact are, everything is done by hand, and the carvings are done by Ken Richarson himself. I know this because I have watched him and his family create these beautiful works of art. I have the Large fillet knife and I love it, would not trade it for the world. This family are true artists with hearts of Gold.

aa73334a, 2009-07-02, 09:16AM CDT

You basically confirmed this persons so called 'slander'.

Without knowing anything about the specific situation you immediately started to blame the customer. Not only was he not understanding enough of the businesses mistakes but you completely turned this around and belittled the customer.

Grandson - by spouting your mouth off you are making your family lose business.

Deal with what you know of. Your response was immature and completely irresponsible. You are just making things worse.

Apparently the poor business skills run in the family.

I was going to buy a knife until I ran across this.

Grow up

Most businesses go by a pretty simple rule. Under promise and over deliver. It sounds like the business took the exact opposite route.

If the company told this person it would take 3 months we wouldn't have this problem but when somebody tells you that you'll have something in your hands within 3 weeks and it takes 3 months. PLUS it's the wrong order. I would be livid just the same as any normal person and would simply ask for a refund.

I'll never buy one of these knives and I'll even go so far as to discourage others from ordering.

Now go sit in the corner where you can't do your family anymore harm.

4db4f371, 2009-11-03, 06:39PM CST

I'm sure you acted badly yourself in the interaction. I doubt it happened exactly the way you describe, and am sure there is more to the story than you reveal. You sound illiterate and vengeful, so it's no wonder it turned out the way it did.

a459567b, 2011-02-08, 10:42AM CST

patience is a vertue. What you put out here is for everyone to see. Remember that it was once said and still true, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. Maybe one day the shoe will be on the other foot for whatever reason.

9119fe4a, 2011-03-10, 05:28PM CST

Ordered one last weekend.Today is Thurs.and I'm checking it out as we speak.Just beautiful and seems very well built.Many to choose from on ebay at the moment with some very good prices.Hope nobody reads this befor I order a couple more!

3789ee42, 2012-03-26, 10:38PM CDT

I'm a grandson of Ken also and I help with the business. I understand that this could have frustrated you, but it seems there could have been a little exaggeration.I know these knives are handmade because I help make them and there is no false advertising as you have claimed that there is.

I do not believe that my grandfather told you that you would not get a refund because we stand by our product and have for the 36 years that we have been in business. We have a 100 percent gaurantee This is the only compaint our company has ever gotten so most of our customers are satisfied with the product.

6ca61215, 2012-06-20, 01:19PM CDT

I have been buying Ken's knives for sometime now I own about 6 of them They have always been on time and honest. One time I recieved a Knife with no name on it or made date as they are always signed and dated by Ken I called them They ask if I wanted to send it back and have it signed or if I would take a cert for the knife I took the cert which was sent to me free of charge 2 weeks later I hunt fish and spend a lot of time off roading on my Quads with my son and friends its the only Kinfe I carry The are by far the best and Kens are hand made and great service

freetimes, 2012-09-24, 11:44PM CDT

i own #KR283, bought in Mo. around 1985 or so.The use I had with this knife is exceptional, and has never cracked or splinter. I actully cut nails using a hunk of oak to hammer the blade to cut then when it was called for. it never faultered,and the few nicks were gone with little grinding. I know this is not a place for a Knife, but when your out in the sticks with few needs, this knife has proved a true survivior. I still carry it everywhere, and can still see some of the engine turning finish. If you want a K.R. knife, just buy one, you wont go wrong. Mike S.

Michael M., 2013-08-05, 09:10AM CDT

I bought tonight from Ken Richardson. I gave one to my son as a birthday present You should have seen his face when he opened it up It was the most beautiful night that he'd ever seen and I was so happy with his reaction I love can snogs I uses fillet knife almost every day to cut big tuna. Everyone at my restaurant wants to use that knife it's the best play knife I've ever had.

RJ Q., 2013-12-20, 04:06PM CST

I had been buying Ken Richardson knifes for over 20 years. I am an avid hunter and had been giving these knifes to all my family and friends that come to my ranch to hunt. I believe them to be one of the best knifes made. Saying that, I am going to agree with the man that had a problem with the service that the Richardson family or company provides. I open a gift and hunting store in Jacksboro, Texas in 2002. I wanted to carry the Richardson knifes because of the quality and because Jack county has approximately 5000 hunters that lease and hunt in this county. I contacted Mrs. Richardson to find out if they would sell to me wholesale as a dealer. She said yes and gave me a wholesale price list. I ordered 25 knifes of different shapes and sizes to start with. I offered to pay for them cash, credit card, bank draft, or COD. She took the order and said it would be about a month. Six weeks later I followed up and nothing had been done on the order. She said she would get them right out. A month later I again followed up and she could not find the order but remembered talking to me. I replaced the order. This went on for eight months, so I finally stopped calling them. I have been in the retail and service business for over forty years. Service to my buyers is very important to me, and I expect the same from the companies I buy from. The Richardson company never followed up on there commitments. Even though the knife is a good quality knife, I realized the service behind them was totally unacceptable. Because of that I have not bought nor do I recommend anyone purchasing a Ken Richardson knife. There are now other knifes that are comparable to the Richardson knife.

I can assure the Grandson that all I have stated is true.

If anyone wishes to discuss this with me, I can be reached at [email protected]

RJ Quick

Fred F., 2014-09-16, 04:17AM CDT

It really hurts me to see anything bad said about Ken's Knives or Business. Ken is a really nice guy. I have been in their house and visted 3 or 4 times. Anyone can make a mistake. If Ken has a problem? It's he can't say no to anyone. When you mix the small orders in with all the large orders, I am sure its easy to put them on the back burner. Any knife of kens is worth waiting for IHMO. He is such a talented man. You may not know he is a painter Deer, Turkey, Indians, I can't say enough good about the family.

Fred Fife

Wayne S., 2014-10-13, 05:59AM CDT

I bought a Richardson knife in Colorado. The sales clerk said she had one and could make it very sharp. I tried for 1 1/2 hours with a 1000 grit stone to sharpen my Richardson knife so that it would shave the hair on my arm, but couldn't. I spent 20 minutes on my Schrade knife and could get it to shave my arm. Ken couldn't suggest any way for me to sharpen my Richardson knife. He offered to sharpen it if I sent it in, but I need to be able to sharpen it myself. The Schrade knife costs a third what the Richardson knife costs.

I'll be returning the knife to the store for a refund.

Gerhard G., 2015-02-11, 07:03PM CST

Folks, let's look at the big picture. These knives are handmade in the U.S. - not in China. This is a family business where you can actually reach and talk to the owners directly. They produce custom, high quality and beautiful knives at a very reasonable (relatively low) price. Please understand that these people are overworked because the demand for their knives is high, and they may once in a while fall short on small orders. Out of several thousand sales, one or two may get screwed up so let's not go crazy bad mouthing and venting about a few isolated problems. If you feel you got bad service, then call them again and be nice about it, or better yet go visit them and see for yourself how these knives are actually made. You'll come away enlightened and more appreciative.

klaudio p., 2015-08-16, 09:48PM CDT

i have placed an order for one custom knife thinking also that it would be made in a few weeks

its been 20 days since ive ordered and paid

im a customer from australia

i also explained in my order email that it was for my sons 21st birthday i wanted to give him something special

so today i emailed the company to see just how its getting along since its been 21 days

i got an email back and all it said was

"im hoping to ship at end of next next week" i dont understand what does next next week mean

does that mean two weeks from now means the knife hasnt even been started 21 days gone already

means i wont get it by my sons birthday 4 september for sure

i cant say im not dissapointed even an email telling me earlier that theyr busy or probably wont be able to fullfill what it says on their home page website ,would have been nice

but what can i do now its not like i can fly to america to see it getting made

i dont know what to do now

klaudio p., 2015-08-16, 10:47PM CDT

i was just contacted by a member of the richardson team

who informed that ken had passed away recently

and was expecting my order to be shipped within next 5 days

im sorry to hear about kens passing and wish all the best to the family

god bless

Ed C., 2015-10-11, 11:29PM CDT

I need a sheath for my older Ken Richardson knife. The blade is 5 1/4" long. The width is 1 5/8" with teeth on the spine. The knife was made in 1977 and has the aluminum guard. Can you help me out. I have several of Kens knifes and was disappointed to hear of his passing. Every knife I have is quality work.

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