hefty cinch sak tall kitchen bags 13 gal. size

Posted on Sunday, April 16th, 2006 at 11:38pm CDT by b7d49c5e

Company: hefty cinch sak tall kitchen bags 13 gal. size

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Dear hefty I have purchased a box of 55 13gal size tall kitchen bags my problem is that they only have the drawstring in half of the top making it difficult to pull shut. I am not satisfied with this situation and wish to have this resolved. Please email me at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63304#

Thank you very much I would hate to start buying competitors products as I have used yours for over 40 years

Sincerely D. Borgman

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247ecda8, 2011-01-28, 11:29AM CST

I'm not sure if these are the same item..I bought forceflex 34 bags tall kitchen.Out of 34 at least half were not sealed on the side..I had to staple shut before they went into the trash can. Bottom line these are not cheap.. and a customer thinks we are getting better quality bags when we can probably pay less and still get good quality bags..I would like to at least get a coupon for my troubles.. thank you.. a dis satisfied customer..L. Rodriguez

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