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Posted on Friday, April 14th, 2006 at 8:54pm CDT by 04c5eb4e

Company: National Auto Transport

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

In February, my wife contacted NAT to get a quote to ship our car from Lakeland, FL to Honolulu, HI. Sal, the man giving the quote, hounded her with numerous emails and a few phone calls asking if we were going to use them. In late March, we decided to go with them and signed the one page contact and paid a $400 deposit. Our ship date on the contract was April 4th or April 5th. However, we were told it was probably going to be the 6th or 7th which we were fine with. We were leaving FL on the 1st and my in-laws were our contact people.

The first (and only) phone call came on the 7th that the truck wasn't going to make it until the 9th or 10th. My inlaws started calling on the 9th trying to get a straight answer about when the car would be picked up. No one returned calls and no one would answer them. My mother-in-law spoke to Alajandra and Louis who were both very rude to her. They argued with her and gave incorrect information over and over. They also promised return calls from customer service and the driver which did not occur.

My wife tried to call and email and no one would return those either. What happened to Sal who was so helpful and available to talk all the time? My inlaws called numorous times and no one could give an answer. My wife emailed back and forth with Lou Moreno (the same Louis my mother-in-law dealt with) and he was rude to her as well. There was also incorrect information in the emails. He said they spoke with her when they had not and said they were forthcoming in all information regarding our car shipment.

Finally, I called and the only way to get a real person and not a voicemail box is to ask for a quote. After leaving a message for customer service with them (and being told CS "knew about the situation,") I actually received a return phone call. I spoke to Louis and he was rude and condescending to me as well. He interrupted me and didn't want to listen. He put me on hold, came back said, "We're refunding your money," and hung up.

I am a very understanding person and delays can happen, but horrendous customer service from a company who only deals in service is inexcusable. There are many complaints on this company on various websites for poor customer service. I only wish I had researched the company more thoroughly prior to initially going with them. I have cancelled my transport and gone with a true shipping company (non-broker) who has been nothing short of excellent.


National Auto Transport.Com,Inc.

1550 N.E. Miami Gardens D

North Miami Beach, FL UNITED STATES, 33179



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