1993 Ford Taurus

Posted on Friday, April 14th, 2006 at 8:22am CDT by 6c712749

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1993 Ford Taurus purchased from a salesman on the used car lot of Koons Ford. Car said to have 73,000 miles, in excellent condition. Seller stated that auto "will" run well into 100,000 mile range because car had been well serviced throughout the years. Odometer and title state 73,000 miles. Paid a little over the Kelley Blue Book price for 1993 Taurus with 73,000 miles in excellent condition. ($2100.00) Within 6 months problems occur. Salesman states to tow the car into the Service Dept. of his employer for diagnostic tests. Serviceman at service center states car has 173,000+ miles.Service repair documents verify statement.Repairs needed to turning signal wiring, fuel pump replacement and "internal engine" problems. Seller denied not informing me of actual mileage. My son has no vehicle to drive to need job. It coasts over $50.00 per week for me to take my son to work in my truck! Dealership claims they want to resolve issue with employee by offering "NEW" car deals/ cars of their choice that my son cannot afford. Offered one car that is too small for my son to fit into! Why should I have to buy a new car from Koons Ford to get my money back? Filing a claim with the Attorney General's Office will take time. My son needs a car so that can get to work. Thanks!

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97a82fb3, 2010-12-14, 06:42PM CST

I would like to know what happened with your claim regarding the odometer. I purchased a 1993 Ford Taurus at the auction; the title read 45,000 miles i thought that i got a great deal. Until a mechanic brought it to my attention that the odometer would only go up to 99,999 miles then flip back. I am considering taking legal action; let me know what happened in your situation.

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