unsafe car to drive

Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2006 at 5:43pm CDT by 6be8fe19

Company: unsafe car to drive

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In 02/19/06 I purchase a 2006 Jeep liberty at Mccune Chrysler-Jeep 2340 National City, CA 91950 619-477-1101 and on 04/09/06 my car is already being repair on a brake job, on 1200 miles after 2 days of constant calls to dealer, customer service, 800 numbers, sales manager all their able to do for me is give me a new car if I pay $2,000 more which is very ridiculous because my Jeep is new they repair my brakes but I'm very afraid to drive in it, I Drive kits in my car and I don't feel safe driving them in a car with brake problems receptionist Michael at McCune when as far as lying to me when I call to get assistant from my sales man and store manager David saying he had left for the day when I call again in the same day he answer the phone which may me believe he had no intentions of helping me with my problem so please give me advice on what to do

An unhappy customer of McCune Dealer

Thank Elsa Scott 619-252-4503


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