Tesco Car Insurance

Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2006 at 1:29pm CDT by 9945b44e

Company: Tesco Car Insurance

Category: Other

Hello I need your help with my problem, I am currently insured with tesco insurance for 4 years, this year I would have 5 years no claim discount 4 with tesco and 1 with a previous insurance, I had a car accident last year 2005 in December I was not at fault but they could not locate the third party and my insurance taken 2 years no claim discount which is ok, I have had another car accident which the third party has taken full responsibility my insurance has received a letter from them accepting responsibility the problem is that I am due to renew the insurance and tesco insurance has not passed on the invoices to the third party therefore they have not received payment from the third party yet, the car has been fixed for 3 weeks now, we have telephoned tesco insurance on numerous times and they are refusing to give us the 3 years no claim discount until they receive the payment from the third party, we have phoned the third party and they have not received any invoices from tesco insurance, tesco insurance want payment for the full year up front which is


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