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Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 at 11:26pm CDT by 11ce5994

Company: Metro pcs cellular service

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I would like to know who is in charge? Who is accountable? Who care's about my business? I have been given the run around on several occassions. I have been a customer for nearly TWO YEARS. I have been through three $250 phones. I have paid the top dollar for service, and I have always paid my bill on time. Every time I need assistance, I receive polite service from the employees.

While they have attempted to change their attitudes over the phone and in the stores, they lack knowledge and understanding of questions posed to them. The price is great, really, I mean it is wonderful, yet the service is HORRIBLE. I have considered going back to paying $150 a month, just to get back companies that actually value my business.

Why....Why......Why.....Why, Why are you in business and unwilling to listen to your customers. can you get in contact with someone that knows? Why do I call and have to re-explain my story every time I call? Why am I treated like a sixteen year old child?

You have a great business model, and you are turning into the Southwest airlines of cell phones, why would you not pay attention to your customers? Who's in charge? Who's the boss? Who ship is it anyhow?

Please......if anyone has an idea of how to communicate issues to Metropcs, let me know, thanks.


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