1995 Jeep Wrangler - Brake Recall

Posted on Friday, December 30th, 2005 at 11:44pm CST by 447af242

Company: 1995 Jeep Wrangler - Brake Recall

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Purchased a used Jeep Wranger, worked just fine until

we got a Brake Cable Recall in the mail. Took it to

the Jeep "Faricy Boys" in Colorado Springs, they

"fixed" the brakes according to the recall. Several

weeks later while warming in the driveway the brake

failed fell to the floor and it rolled out of my

driveway into my neighbors fence. Took it back, they

said the brake failed, they did not replace the cables

(which was part of the recall) and they failed, they

would have to order the cables and would replace them.

Everything was fine until I asked how they intended to

fix the rear of the jeep which was pushed in at the

impact of my neighbors fence and of course his fence.

It all stopped then, said they had to contact

Daimler/Chysler, the legal department,etc, had to get

an estimate.. yada yada. I left the jeep with them

since we were planning a trip out of town, it was

right before the holidays. At this point they didn't

even complete the recall, said everything was on hold,

was with the Lawyers. The Service Manager, Dan Durfee

and the "corporate" inspector they sent said don't

worry it should be covered. At this point reality

hits and the brakes are not fixed and they had no

intention of completing the "RECALL" since it would

then make them admit fault. Got a note from Daimler

stating that the Dealer was to blame and I should get

back with them. This was about 6 weeks later and the

buck was passed. Faricy responds: They "declined to

participate in the repair of my vehicle". This from

Mike Davis the Director of Service in his letter to

the better business bureau. Dan Durfee, although a

nice guy was a bit blinded about the company he worked

for, stated that both Mike Faricy and Mike Davis put

customers first. Well, $500 later since I had to have

working breaks, about 400 was in Labor, you think they

would have at least thrown that in....an estimate for

around another 2000 for the rear of the jeep and the

$50 for my neighbors fence... I'm out of pocket and

they still run a business that really does not stand

behind their service. This process took about two


If you get a recall, drive to Denver to get it fixed.

If you purchase a vehicle, try something other then

Daimler/Chysler since they passed the buck. They are

both at fault and don't stand behind their vehicles or

their work. I also sent copies of my letters to the

National Safety and Transportation Board in Washington

and they too recommended that Daimler take

responsibility for this... guess they are above it


I don't have time to fight them as a mother of three,

a business owner...time is not something I have to

spare, but a few emails, letters and telling everyone

I meet to warn them to stay away, that I can do.

Happy to have found this page as well. There are good

Dealers/Manufacturers out there.. these are just not

two examples of them.


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