Hershey's Gift Catalog

Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2005 at 2:58pm CST by 0bd5dd6c

Company: Hershey's Gift Catalog

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To Hershey's Gift Catalog dated 12-29-05

Today, this order of 35 personalized gifts finally arrived here and we refused it. We request that you credit back our credit card for a full refund. We regret having to refuse the shipment, but it is just too late. When we ordered these gifts for clients on Dec 2nd, we were promised, and we expected, according to your published timetable, to be able to distribute them on 12-24-05. We were unable to get ANY definitive answer as to when it would arrive. We were unable to obtain a tracking number. The order status still does not show online.

We called to inquire about this order on 12/16, 12/20, 12/21, and just about every day after that. Sometimes we were misled and told it was shipped, sometimes that it was shipping "tonight". Meanwhile we have 35 clients to whom we traditionally give a gift, and we depended upon this order for that obligation, to no avail. We think it is a most puzzling way to handle things in 2005. Why not send an email or postcard and say, "your order has been delayed, do you still want it after Christmas?" Please credit our card ASAP. Sincerely, Alice Burch


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