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Company: DirectTV a SCAM & IT STINKS!

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I ordered direct TV and was to have installation done on Dec. 7th, 2005. When I placed the order for Direct TV I ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket which I was told consisted of the Total Choice Premier Pkg at 49.99 for 4 months. I also ordered a DVR, in which I was told that I would not have to pay for the DVR. No tech came to install it at the time indicated 1-5 PM on 12/7/05. I had to reschedule it after numerous calls to direct TV tech support. Reschedule date was for 12/9/05. I waited again for the tech who was to come 1-5 PM. No tech arrived at 3 PM and I called to be told after 20 minutes waiting on hold that it had to be rescheduled once again. Reschedule date was for 12/12/05. Again I had to call direct TV tech support. I was then told that the time was rescheduled to 4-7 PM. No one from direct TV called me to inform me of the time change. I was told then of what package I had and the price of 49.99 for 4 months. A tech arrived just at 7 PM and informed me that he could not install it cause a 40 foot ladder was needed and he did not have one. While they were here they parked partially in my driveway hitting my car and there was damage to the rear bumper. I called direct TV again and complained about the installation in which I had to reschedule once again. The contractor Halsted Communications made arrangements for the installation to take place on 12/14/05 at 12 PM. A tech arrived at 1:30 PM. At no point in the conversation with Direct TV did they tell me that the package that was order was not available or ended. When the tech finished the installation around 7 PM (51/2 hrs later) and called direct TV to program the receivers I was then told that I could not get the package I ordered. I am very upset that Direct TV and their Supv and Mgrs do not care about the customers. I was told by the Mgr. Laura that their is nothing she can do as well as the VP J. LaVigne. So now I am out of the package that I ordered and Direct TV pulled another SCAM on one of their customers. I would like a response to this matter by Ms. LaVigne as soon as possible. To this date I have not received a response from the President of Direct TV, whom could give a S--- as to the concerns of the customers. BEWARE of Direct TV and their SCAMS!!!!!!


90786957, 2007-11-19, 01:19PM CST

A bigger issue is how then figure your months of service should you caancel early. For example, if you start their service in January 2007 and have a 12 month commitment, and your equipment malfunctions say in September and they replace it you 12 month period starts over again in September. I tried to get them to point out in the contract where this change in period is stipulated and they were unable to do so.

25c9040d, 2011-01-07, 05:59PM CST

I can honestly say that I've experienced similar issues with DirectTV but it did not take me long to find another provider. I don't like to be stressed with my entertainment, especially when I'm overpaying for it! One of the cool things I have found with DISH Network is the fact that they will not charge you the cancellation fee if you move and can not get a line of sight. I changed to DISH network and I am so glad that I did. Not only did I get a convenient bundle bill for my internet and TV but both services were installed on the same day and the bill is always easy to understand. I was able to get a free HD DVR, which supports to TV's and I was offered HD free for the life of my account which gives me my HD programming free instead of paying for it. My DVR is amazing; I can pause and rewind live TV and now I can access the internet with my new Sling Adapter allowing me to have TV everywhere I go via my Smart-phone. My husband loves sports, and he has all the sports he could ever want included in my package. I really can say that I'm glad we changed and I even decided to work for the company because I wanted to be part of a company that truly tends to their customer's needs! There is great new technology coming down the pipe and I know that DISH is on top of integrating as much new useful technology as possible when it becomes available. DISH network definitely tops the industry!

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