Omega SplitX Log Splitter

Posted on Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 at 3:18pm CST by 586146b3

Company: Omega SplitX Log Splitter

Category: Other

This business is located in Wallingford, CT. I ordered a log splitter, the Omega SplitX, on December 1, 2005. As of December 28, 2005, it has not been received and probably not shipped. The total charge was supposed to be $439.99. I gave them bank information for a direct debit from the account. They charged $649.99! I have found numerous complaints on the internet about this company, and this is NOT an isolated occurrence. They will not return calls or respond to e-mails or to requests submitted from their website. WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM OMEGA STORES, aka Monica LLC. If you have had a similar occurrence, report it to the AG's office in Connecticut, as I certainly plan to do so. Frank Vigil, NM


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