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I would like to bring to the notice the woes that are being inflicted by the Standard chartered bank on its credit card customer.

1) Till date I have never received. any statement by post. Everytime they say that the cc statement through mail is not a guarantee.

2) One lucky day they started sending credit card statements through email on by company e-mail id.

3) Unfortunately once I ended up having a credit balance on my card. Thereafter standard chartered bank conveniently cancelled my card. On calling them again they issued me a new card.

4) Thereafter I never received the statement for the new card, i.e. neither through email nor by post.

5) In the meantime to my disgust and bad luck, I made a purchase on my card on the date that actually clashed with the statement date (around 24th Nov. '05). I never got the statement ever since I had a credit balance on my card.

6) On 27th Dec. one rude guy from Standard Chartered's collections department called me and started shouting at me and talking to me as though I am a thief. The call came to me from 080- 56938707. He asked to make me the payment immediately and what not language he used. I told him that I will drop the payment in the drop box today itself. To which he said that you have lost the luxury of making the payment through drop box and blah.. blah.. He even threatened me no. of times. I have been penalized for not receiving the statement and was not even provided the breathing space by the lousy bank.

Later on when I told this horrific experience to my colleagues in Wipro, I was told that this is how standard chartered works. They make sure that people default on payments and they can make money through service charges etc...Hope, this info. now helps the would be unfortunate credit card owners who can easily prefer not to even remotely consider Standard chartered as a option for a credit card.


Saurabh Garg

Bangalore, India

P.S.: attached a mail text of a similar unfortunate ex-customer (my colleague) of Standard chartered.


From: Akshat Prasad (WI01 - Group)

Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 12:30 PM


Subject: Thanks for terrible CRM.

Dear Standard Chartered,

Thank you for a horrific customer experience. In my humble opinion, dealing with your bank has been an apalling mistake which I shall never make again or allow anyone, on whom I have even the slightest modicrum of influence, to do either.

In exactly the same circumstances you have been outshone in service, customer relationship management and business ettiquette by Citibank. My experience with both has been a revelation.

Considering your bank sent me a pre printed card and asked me to accept this, without my asking, one would expect that some customer service would come with this. Unfortunately that isn't the case.

Not only, will I tear up any memento's of association with your bank, I will actively encourage others to do the same over all media available to me.

Congratulations on losing some tiny number of customers. This will perhaps enable you to serve the remainder better.


Akshat Prasad

ex - Gold card Holder.


Akshat Prasad

Business Manager - Middle East (Telecom)

Business Solutions Division

Wipro Ltd.

Ahmed Plaza, Bangalore

Tel :91-80-25055046 (Direct), 25055000 (Board)

Mobile; +91 98 451 13715

Fax : 91-80-28527106


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a7f1111f, 2008-06-24, 04:58AM CDT

Dear Akshat,

Do you think these Standard Chartered guys will ever stop the harrasment? They are here only for money and go to such an extent to harass us to the core and literally strip us naked.

I have been a customer of SCB from 1998 (Let me say loyal). All was ok until for the past 3 months I started receiving my salary late and I was not able to make my payments on time and then it all started.

They cancelled my card and started abusing me and threatning me in singular.(Where are all that Sir, Please Sir take this product gone...)

Since I was already informed by one of my friend that these banks will be recording our conversation and one false move by us in losing our temper on these agents will give us nightmares. So never lose your temper on the phone when these people call.

I would say the females SBC employ's, may be boasting about themselves of the guts they have in handling defaulters. But I say ladies, someday you WILL and HAVE to pay for all this dearly on the harassment you are causing to others. The very curse will destroy your whole family.

I would humbly request the RBI guys to pass on a resulution on the Code of Conduct banks like these need's to follow. Whatever Code of Conduct RBI has passed is not enough to stop these severe harrasment.

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