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Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2005 at 2:06pm CST by 898ce4fd

Product: Product Replacement Plan

Company: Best Buy

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Approximately two years ago I purchased a reasonably priced portable CD player from Best Buy which included a car adapter kit. Along with the CD Player I purchased a 2 year "Product Replacement Plan". Well, the CD Player recently quit working and I decided I'd use the replacement plan that I had payed for.

After calling the 888 number as advised to get a voucher I was told that their computer system was "not recognizing" the PRP number. I was told to go to the local Best Buy and let the store straighten it out. I went to the store where it took them about an hour to make any progress even though I had all the required paperwork (receipt, etc...). In the end, I had to confirm the address I had when I made the original purchase, which was difiicult for me as I've moved several times in the past few years and couldn't remember all my addresses and phone numbers. THIS CONFIRMATION WAS NECESSARY EVEN THOUGH I HAD THE RECEIPT LIKE I WAS SUPPOSED TO!

I thought the hassle was over as I set off to get another CD Player to exchange my old one with. Frustratingly, they no longer carried that particular CD Player and I had to get a completely different one and buy an expensive Car Adapter set on top of that. I ended up paying $25 extra when it should have been an even exchange.

To add insult to injury, after telling him how long it took to get a refund number, the person who made the final exchange told me "You got the original purchase price back didn't you?". This really set me off and I informed him that I had to pay $25 that I shouldn't have. Shouldn't the proper response from a sales associate have been "I'm sorry to hear that, sir" or something like that? Instead, this guy rubs it in my face as if I'm supposed to be grateful to the Almighty Best Buy. Well, the hassle was not worth my paying $25 over what should have been an even exchange, nor was it worth the several hours of my time caused by their "computer glitch".

This isn't the only problem I've had at Best Buy and I will no longer be shopping there again.


5cd8bb0b, 2008-03-12, 04:46PM CDT

Well, I worked at best buy in 2001 at which time I became a Paramedic and left. However during that time I worked in customer service, so i think i know what to say here. First off I too have a PRP that i have purchased since and it was not 100% easy to redeem so i see where you are coming from. However, the reason they offer the PRP is so that you do get your purchase price back, its protection for your money spent. Just like if back then you bought a sega Dreamcast (that is now discontinued) why would you expect the store to do an even exchange with a Xbox 360 or a Ps3, c'mon now, lets get real. As it says in your agreement they will refund your "purchase price" just be glad you got that would have had to pay for the whole thing yourself had you not been savy enough to get the plan!!

6870a9b6, 2011-01-16, 09:23AM CST

Best Buy is obliged by the contract to replace the merchandise. It is not the problem of the buyer if the product is discontinued. A reasonable replacement with similar functions and features should be negotiated. Or a reasonable refund be offered. Otherwise any other issue could be adjudicated in court.

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