Norton Symantic security- customer service elusive

Posted on Sunday, December 25th, 2005 at 3:04pm CST by 85c27b12

Company: Norton Symantic security- customer service elusive

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I ordered Norton Systemworks and Personal Firewall for 2005. I had not installed it when was seriously injured in an accident. I also found out that, despite my running the updates regularly, my computer was packed with virus and I switched to another security system. I still have the shrink-wrapped software, never opened and never registered for use,

Because of my injuries, I had missed the 60 day deadline for refunds. The only way I had to contact them is the automatic e-mail that requires you to select from a set of options, none of which are relevant to my situation. I get an automatic response with another menu that is equally impossible to answer. There is no service phone number (except the technical service, which does not answer this kind of question, for which you pay $30.00/call). I'll try writing their home office, something I was not able to do for months, but am not optimistic.

I understand that the barriers to contact are deliberate-- it's their way of not having to deal with defective produces or service. Profitable in the short-term, but long-term disaster for the company,


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eec9fa03, 2008-08-08, 09:13AM CDT

I purchased Norton Internet Security with my new computer in January 2008 However THE SYSTEM IS NOT RECOGNIZING MY CODE SAYING IT HAS EXPIRED H ow can this be when it is only 7 months since purchase.

I recently had my computer rebooted by a local computer shop as it crashed on me and I was unable to boot it up Could this be the source as to why the system is not recognising the code I can show prove of purchase regarding my present morton package Please let me know at your earliest convenience how this matter can be resolved as at present I have no security in my computer

b3381d77, 2008-09-05, 09:34AM CDT

I recently needed to reload Norton, due to a separate software failure. Since then, I am being asked to pay my subscription, despite having a further 5 months to run since last renewing. Please adjust your records as appropriate

dab96f77, 2008-11-29, 08:31PM CST

For years, I have renewed my norton anti-virus computer security system for another 12 months. So, in September 08, renewed for another year at $50.

During each one year period, once in awhile norton pops-up to update the system, with new safeguards, for free. So, after my 9-08 1 year renewal, In november 2008, I got a offer for update. I clicked on it and it erased my current norton security system, with 10 months, left, and downloaded a 15 day trial with norton 2009. To purchase the norton 2009 cost $69.99. During that time period, the trial system found tacking cookis that needed have protective action taken. The trial system could not remove or fix the cookies, it just wanted me to buy the new system.

I just want my 12 month norton system honored,, (the one renewed in 9-08) and restored. I also want the 2009 norton trial system removed. Integery matters

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