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Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2005 at 4:42am CST by 503bda18

Company: 1st Financial Bank USA

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I received this credit card about a year ago. The company knew that I was a

colleg student with no income. I have been paying my account on time with

the help of my mother. My last statement that I received was back in October

'05. I did not receive a statement in November '05. With my very HEAVY

school load I did not realize that I did not receive a November statement.

November 8, 2005 I purchased time for a Tracfone in the amount of $21.39.

November 13, 2005 if made a purchase via e-bay in the amount of $9.49. At

this time I had available credit of $39 or $40. The two purchases totaled

$30.88. With the company tacking on their $12.59 finance charge it brough

the bill to $43.47, which meant I had an overlimit of $3.47. I was charged

an overlimit fee of $37 for this $3.47 overlimit amount. Then the company

tacked on an additional fee of $37 for late fee because the bill was not

paid in November '05 (the missing billing statement). I received a bill on

December 21, 2005 for $113.94 due on January 3, 2006. Of course I called to

find out what was going on. A extremely rude individual told me that if I

did not receive a bill in November then I should have called to find out

why. I tried to explain to her that with my heavy school load I just forgot

and since this was a first time event could this late fee be waived. She

said "NO"! I agreed to go ahead and send in the $113.94 on or before the due

date. At no time did she state that an additional fee would be tacked on to

this bill. On December 22, 2005 I received a letter stating that my account

was past due and listed a minimum payment due of $34 and to remit the

minimum amount dindicated on my statement immediately. I immediately called

the toll free number on the letter and again talked with another rude

representative. I told her that I wanted to speak with someone with regards

to my bill. She began asking me all kinds of questions (i.e. your income?

who is paying your bill? what college are you attending? does your parents

help you pay your bill?, etc.) which had nothing to do with why I received

another letter. Then she goes on to tell me that my bill now is $156! I was

shocked and asked her how this bill has gone from $113.94 to $156 (an

additional $43 more)? She said that other fees were added to my bill because

the bill still had not been paid by the closing date of the billing cycle

(12/9/05). I told her that I just received the bill on December 21st. She

said well it must have been the postal service's faul because bill are

mailed out in a timely manner. I told her that this was impossible. If the

bill was mailed to me in November in order to reach me BEFORE the closing

date it would not have taken almost a month for me to receive it. This

company sets college students up to have a bad credit rating. They issue out

these cards knowing that we need extra money for books and/or tuition. There

are over 98 complaints against this company on the internet and I will be

99! It is not fair for this company to charge such a HIGH overlimit/late

fees withoug giving the individual the benefit of doubt. The company could

have at least sent me a letter the first time that I missed my payment. Why

wait until almost a month later and then tack on additonal charges that are

not on the bill that I received recently. This compnay needs to be

investigated because they are targeting college students and others that

have bad credit or first time credit. When this account if finally paid off




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796c8a01, 2009-02-13, 12:51PM CST

They have done the same thing to me! I have been researching online complaints about this company and it turns out they have done this very same thing hundreds of people! They always say they don't get your payment on time because of the postal service and then after that they just start tacking on all kinds of fees! They need to be investigated or reported but to who? I can't seem to find a good resource for this. So far, I've looked into the Federal Trade Commission (WWW.FTC.GOV) and the Better Business Bureau (WWW.BBB.ORG). I don't know what else to do. Any Suggestions?

23642cc0, 2009-09-07, 10:04PM CDT

I was also targeted by this company while in college in 2001. I have attempted several times to negotiate a lower interest rate. Must I mention it is now 2009 and I have only been few days late (not even 30 days)on one occasion the entire time that I have had this account active. I have always paid the minimum balance and more money toward the account when possible. The representatives and supervisors are very rude and unprofessional and I do believe this tactic may be encouraged by the company. The only reason I stayed with this company is because I moved back home after college and had to take on the responsibility of helping my family and our home was about to be foreclosed on. I DO NOT recommend that anyone get involved with this company or any known affiliate companies.

15482376, 2010-06-16, 08:55AM CDT

1st financial bank has done this to myself also.. they charged with an lat fee in which that month i paid a day early!!

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